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We’ve come to a new month and I feel like I have finally stepped out of a whirlwind… if only for a minute. If you haven’t been keeping up, let me break it down for you really quickly. I made my final payment on my student loans in December 2018. Yes indeed… I paid off about 100K in loans in just over 6 years. But… I haven’t even begun to feel the stress of debt deletion because now I have a mortgage ya’ll. I moved out of my parent’s house and bought my first home. So although I no longer have student loan debt, I am still very much a millennial in debt right along with you. 


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In taking on another enormous amount of debt, I am focusing on increasing the amount of income I bring home to help with saving (replenishing my severely depleted emergency fund) and paying extra payments towards the principle of my mortgage. But with my extremely busy schedule, I can’t go out and get your regular regular run of the mill second job. I also don’t really want to, being a teacher is tiring and I value my free time far too much.

This means I am turning towards side hustles, but not those terrible ones that take up so much time and reap very little reward. Think… surveys that pay 10 cents for an hour your time. Besides looking / finding the most valuable side hustles I also found ones that I could no mostly from home, and weren’t recommended on every website on the internets. Yes AIR BNB is a great outlet, but I don’t want anyone in my home just yet, and I like to have more variety in my suggestsions/ money making opportunities. 

Without further adieu, I’ve crafted 10 high paying side hustles you can start today, and they are refreshing choices you may not have heard about! 

high paying side hustles you can start today

10 High Paying Side Hustles You Can Start Today (2019)

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