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Tax season is among us, and this year we’re focusing on financial freedom. When I was in college I loved getting back refund checks from “overpaying” my tuition. However, I wish I knew then what I know now. That refund money wasn’t my money to spend, and I should’ve returned it, or used it towards more tuition. But now, as I’ve grown into to getting tax refunds, I know better and I am trying to do better.

As I am trying to recoup my finances after my first home purchase, I’ve already made plans for my 2018 tax refund. With a ton of home renovations that I will have to fund, I’ll be purchasing a new tub. This means that I can’t go buy the Gucci belt (although Gucci is now cancelled so… I guess my pockets really won after), or the latest Jordan release. 

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Using your tax refund intelligently will help you not only gain financial freedom, but will keep you from regretting your spending choices. These 5 smart ways to use your tax return will provide you some ideas on where you can funnel your money into without feeling like you’re being boring or pressured to save every single cent (though there’s nothing wrong with that either FYI)

smart ways to use your tax return

5 Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Return

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