If you didn’t know… I’m a Childish Gambino fanatic. And I’m not just talking “Awaken My Love”, “Redbone”, “Atlanta” Bino… no I’m talking “Bro Rape”, “Sick Boy”, “Community”, “Camp” Bino. And yes I know that several things I referenced (both old and new) are a mix of his rap persona and his film/TV/ comedy content that is accredited to Donald Glover. But… as Donny would say… who gives a fuck. That’s not what we’re here for.

Whether you call him Donald Glover or Childish Gambino the fact still remains that in the last lets say… two years he has been unstoppable, and has taught us quite a few lessons. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

5 Times Childish Gambino Taught Us To Be Our Best Selves

1. Deleting All Of His Social Media Presence: This was big for me. At first I couldn’t understand it, and now I aim to mimic it. It’s difficult when your brand is based on the internet and requires you to be a active member of the social media circus. But… Childish Gambino gives me hope for a new day! (LOL… not just yet guys don’t worry… I may take breaks but I’m not vanishing from social media… YET!)

Bino made a bold move back in 2014 and deleted all of the content from his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Though the accounts are still present they have remained inactive for quite some time. Why?

Everything you put on social media lasts forever, so even if I post it for a second, it’s going to be there. My fans will find it again. So I kinda just want to be like… respectful almost, of the audience. I wanna make sure that when I put stuff up it’s for a reason. It counts. I don’t wanna just be posting up stuff about my dog all the time

Since 2014 Bino has made some rare appearances to promote Atlanta and “Awaken My Love” but… once those were released… he was gone again. While I do miss his honesty and openness on social media, I understand and respect his decision (not that he particularly cares)

It gives me hope that I will one day actually delete my APPS for good (I go through bouts of deleting and reinstalling every few months) and actually only post what is important or for a real reason if at all. I’m working on it. But… in the mean time while I’m still oh so addicted… I follow the Atlanta twitter which has an amazing witty writer!!!! If you want to get as close as possible to Childish on Twitter.. I suggest you do the same.

2. Ending On A High Note: I went to Gov Ball a few weeks ago to see my two faves: Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino. (both were amazing btw) At the end of the Childish set, he stated that we should stay tuned for the last Gambino album.

In my mad dash out of the crowd I stopped for a second to take in exactly what he said, then started running again. A few days later Bino addressed what he meant by that final comment in an interview with HuffPost :

Like I feel like there’s gotta be a reason to do things and I always had a reason to be punk. Being punk just always felt really good to me and we always looked at ‘Atlanta’ as a punk show and I feel like the direction I would go with Childish Gambino wouldn’t be punk anymore. As much as ‘Redbone’ is a punk song because it’s a gospel song that’s on the radio, I’m like there’s only so far you can go before you just are the radio

As much as it pains me to hear… I get it. No one wants to see that third sequel when only one or two were necessary. And if your heart is no longer in something or you can no longer make the same impact you’ve had, even if you are good at it (sigh… how I feel about teaching right now) it is time for you to walk away.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Against The Grain: Childish Gambino is notorious for doing what ever it is that he wants and seeing great reward from it. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and although he doesn’t beat that idea into our heads on a consistent basis, we can see that going against the grain has paid off for Bino in many respects. And that is what I admire and respect about him.

It is difficult living in a world that requires specific things from you in order to fit in to the mold, but Bino makes it crucial (and dare I say cool) to be your self and do what you see to be best even if that doesn’t fit into what society expects of you.

“I don’t want to be niche. I think that’s so lame. There are people that are like this is my audience and I’m just gonna make stuff for them and they give me money. I’m like Nah that’s not compensation. I want to be way bigger than that. I’m not here to just be like here’s some nerd stuff for nerds. I want to be as big as I possibly can be”

4. Focus On Your Art- Work For Your Self: 


In an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2014 as a part of a press circuit for “Because the Internet”, Bino spent about 40 minutes schooling Charlamagne the God and us the audience. This reminder always comes right on time whenever I run back into this interview.

Many times we get focused on a dream, or our art form and then the world comes in and smacks that dream out of our hands. We get lost in the “what ifs” and the “health insurance” and never take the right amount of leaps of faith. Trust me… I’m definitely one to do the same. But the thing is… (as Bino points out in his own way) do you want to live a life you’ve created or one that was molded for you. You can’t do the same thing for 70 years that you hate and call that a life.

Take chances, do what the heck you want, and jump out on a limb from time to time. You’ll be surprised just how far your art can carry you.

“As an artist as a creative there’s not a lot of people that can do exactly what they want to do. Especially as a black male. I can’t do what I want to do exactly right now, but I’m in a position where I can start to build those blocks.”

5. Be Honest With Your Self: Okay… this is going to be a 2fer. I’m just sharing dope freestyles and interviews at this point but … if you’ve made it this far that means you’re interested in learning about the final time that Gambino taught us to our best selves. This interview is also circa 2013-2014 (during his press circuit for “Because the Internet”) Gambino spit true true knowledge. But I’ve also included one of the post it notes Bino posted on Instagram in a time when he was just simply expressing himself.

childish gambino

At that time it was seen as a cry for help/ suicide (listen to the interview above where he addresses that) but in all honesty the words he scribbled on those papers were just a reminder to himself, and to us that you need to be honest with your self at all times. Even when it is honestly and brutally difficult to do so… do it. Don’t be afraid to tell your self you fucked up, and move on from it. And that my friends is the best message Bino could remind us of. Don’t let the world tell you who you should be, tell yourself who you are and do it honestly. Even if changes over time… lying to yourself is worse than others lying to you.


That’s that… in the wise words of Bino.. I’m out (don’t think he actually ever said that… but it’s late and that’s all I could think of)