For the past few years I’ve been making a conscious effort to support black owned business in anyway that I can. Initially I tried to always balance out my purchases by shopping at one black owned business per 3-4 other businesses that I frequented. That didn’t always work/ or wasn’t always possible. So I started adopting a few new way to support Black Owned Business that I felt comfortable in doing and felt it was most effective. If you are trying to support more black owned businesses here are a few ways that you can start. (Ps: You might already be doing one of them!)

5 Ways To Support Black Owned Business

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1. Do Your Research:  There are tons and tons and tons of sources available for you to find just what you are looking for and still support a black owned business. My old excuse was “oh there are no black businesses available that make what it is I’m looking for” that is just not the case! If you take a little bit of time (and really it could take less than five minutes) to do a quick Google search you’ll be shocked at just how easy it is to find a black owned business that provides the service, or product you are looking for.

2. Be Aware: This step comes right on the heels of the first. Once you do your research you will become more aware of how many black owned business are around you! Shopping locally, and small are all great for the economy, but shopping black adds the extra sweet cherry on the top of that combination. And with all of the research I’m sure you’ve found that the real research has already been done and compiled for you! And if you haven’t here’s one more stop for you to do so:

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3. Don’t Keep It A Secret: If you found a black owned business that you love, scream it from the roof top! So often we find ourselves sharing every thing on social media, and you should do the same with a newly found black owned business that you love. Sharing information on black owned business is the way to help turn word of mouth into a viral trend. Don’t just fall in love with the brand personally, help others fall in love with it as well. What I found pretty amazing is Kolour Conscious a brand that is taking all of the black owned businesses they find and putting them together in a cool subscription box and making it available for the masses. That is a definite way to support and spread the wealth on great black owned businesses with products we wouldn’t even know existed!

ways to support black owned business

Kolor Conscious Box (Coupon Code: TANDT25 for 25% off)

4. Balance your Spending: My initial method of supporting black owned business like I initially said was to find some sort of balance. And I will continue doing that along side these other steps. What you should be reminded of is supporting black owned business doesn’t always happen over night but it can. It doesn’t take much work/effort to find something you like or want to gift (the lists mentioned above have some bomb products/services trust me you’ll find something you love) and purchase it. It doesn’t mean you ONLY have to shop black owned, but it does mean you should make an effort to dedicate a percentage to black owned business. Last year I settled on a measly 20 percent. Meaning out of 10 online holiday orders I ensured that at least two were from black owned businesses. This year… I’m upping the game to 40 percent. Making the conscious effort is needed when it comes time to swiping my card and checking out.

5. Be Open Minded: The same feeling I had about small business was the same initial feeling I had about black owned business: “customer service may be ehh.” The truth of the matter is customer service may be “ehh” in any business and I shouldn’t allow one or two bad moments change or alter how I feel about supporting black owned business. I had an issue last year with a small black owned business when it came to the shipment of my product. I was annoyed, and frustrated and before I could start talking ignorance I took a breath and prevented any further generalization. Good customer service and bad customer service have nothing to do with the size or the color of the owner in a business. Therefore I always approach my interaction with any business with an open mind.

What steps will you be taking this year to support black owned business. Do you have a favorite business that isn’t on any list? Mention your faves below in the comment box! And if you found this post helpful don’t be afraid to share it with someone else who may find it helpful too!

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