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As someone who is no longer considered “young” I’ve got some newly found advice for my people who are still frantically living their lives in their twenties. After all of my financial mistakes I’ve learned a thing or two that I’ve gathered into a super easy list. These 6 best purchases in your twenties are staples that have made my 30s a whole lot simpler, and given me a definite sigh of relief when it comes to certain aspects of life.  

These tips are tidbits I wish I had known about or been more aware of so I could have actually pivoted my 20’s towards a better direction. The goods news I went through it, so you don’t have to! A fun fact I generously repeat to my brothers consistently. In the list below there are several purchases in various categories that cover the basis of what it means to be a 20 something year old navigating adulthood and all of its unforeseen outcomes.   


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best purchases in your twenties

6 Best Purchases In Your Twenties

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