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As the summer comes to a close (sadly) now’s the time to kick up your saving regimen into full gear. Everyone’s situation is different and saving money isn’t just one cookie cutter routine. It’s always important to start saving using aspects in your life as opposed to trying to follow some one size fits all method. This is why I’ve put together a quick infographic for you with 70 smart ways to save money that vary in difficulty and work for people at different aspects of their money saving career.


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70 Smart Ways To Save Money

When you decide to actively save money, it is important to not only stick with it through the difficult beginning (the first two weeks are always the most difficult) but to assess what you are saving money for. Creating money saving goals makes the money saving process that much easier. Besides goals, I find that having someone to check in with during your process to keep you honest to your own plans will also be a great addition to the support system you want to set in place for yourself.

Enough with the rambling… below I have the infographic with 70 smart ways to save money. Now… the only problem when I create cute shareable infographics I find that I have to be brief (hence why it’s so shareable) and don’t get to explain with as much detail as I usually do. So… if you look through the list and find that you are confused or that a few of the smart ways to save money tickle your fancy, please feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you with all the deets that you need.

’til the next time!

smart ways to save money

millennial in debt