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I know the school year just ended a few weeks ago so it doesn’t make much sense to be talking about teaching. And while I know that no one deserves summers off more than teachers, I also know that we are huge preparers. We like to prepare for the worst even during the best, and that is a good thing trust me! That is why I’ve curated this list of 8 financial tips for teachers strictly to help my educators navigate their money just a bit better. 


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The summer time is when I usually spend the most money, and that is probably because it is when I have the most time to my self. All of a sudden Amazon purchases happen more frequently, bi-weekly manicures become a must, and I’m driving around a lot more (which also means I’m filling up at the tank more). Let’s not even mention how vacations must happen in the summer… the busiest and most expensive tourist travel time in most areas around the world. 

So it makes sense for me, that even though I’m not in the classroom, and not thinking about going back into the classroom, I’m thinking about how to make my money stretch further on a teacher salary. These 8 financial tips for teachers range from how to properly set up a retirement fund all the way to how to set up a sinking fund to prepare for the summer. 

financial tips for teachers

8 Financial Tips For Teachers

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