When I turned 26 I set 26 goals for myself to reach by the time I turned 27. So far I’ve had some pretty good results with a few of them, have struggled with some of them, but overall happy that I set them. The most interesting one though, has certainly been my goal to stay off of social media completely once a month. Many people looked at me like I was crazy when I told them about this goal, because well apparently I’m addicted to social media, and the nature of this blog requires me to be socially active on a daily basis.

I ignored the nay sayers and moved forward monthly picking random days to stay off of social media completely. At first it was difficult, but as it got easier I started to actually look forward to those days off. In doing so I started altering the goal to incorporate more time off of social media and more time actually being social with the people around me. I started limiting (no social media before 11am), then completely stopping all together my social media usage at work 5xs a week. I found that it helped me stay focused and on task, while also allowing me to get more work done. Instead of multiple distractions all I had to worry about were the random text message floods, or crucial emails. With the lack of social media checking I also felt less neurotic and in tuned with pop culture which can be… (let’s be honest) a complete waste of time.

What I really enjoyed the most is that this process of achieving my social media monthly detox was simply… for me. I didn’t make a big deal or announcement about it. I never even told people which day it was that I wouldn’t be checking in on my social media platforms. I just deliberately and quietly made my exit, and returned just as quietly to get back to business. As more and more months passed of me successfully completing the task, I realized I wasn’t even scrolling for hours as I used to do when I reconnected to see what I had missed from the day prior. It was becoming less addicting and I was feeling better about appreciating the world around me in the present moment rather than always looking down at a screen.

I thought about making it a public Trials N’ Tresses challenge so others could join me… but then I decided against it. Why? Because I find that this process is something I enjoy doing because it is something I did not think I could do. It is something I did on a whim and ended up really appreciating. Therefore I decided to write about it to inspire and motivate you to find something (big or small) to do deliberately do for yourself. You should set aside a time and or place to have it completed and see how it changes your feelings and views on things.

I really thought that the world would come crashing down if I wasn’t plugged into social media at all times. Slowly but surely I realized that this had become more of an unhealthy obsession rather than a fun pass time. Instead I’ve decided to personally limit (not stop forever… because lets be honest it can be fun and interesting at times) my social media interaction (mostly sustain it for business/blogging purposes) and enjoy the presence of the present moments. Looking up when you are used to looking down at a screen can truly be refreshing. But the most important thing is it is something I’ve pin pointed for myself that I don’t need to share or tell anyone else about. Give it a shot (not the social media detoxing…) but doing something just for yourself that you don’t need to let many if any people in on and see how it changes you!!

Happy Thursday all!

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