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apps to save you money for the holidays

I know I know… it seems like Fall just started a few days ago (because it actually did) and I’m already talking about the holidays. Well… if you take a walk to your local drug store, supermarket or department store they are already into the full swing of things with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations all stationed right next to each other ready for purchase. And while the holidays usually mean spending a load of money, it doesn’t necessarily have to. I’ve shared countless ways to save, and make money to save money by simply using your smart phone. This time I’m giving you the ultimate one stop location to help you with your money saving needs. Below I have 25 Apps to save you money in time for the holidays.

The bolded apps below are the apps that I have actually received cold hard cash in my hands over the past year. Some apps have helped me grab over 150.00 dollars!! So pay attention to the BOLD apps if you’re looking to make cash a little faster!


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25 Apps To Save You Money For the Holidays

Receipt Based: These apps mentioned below all require you to shop at your fave spots, and upload your receipt. In exchange for you uploading your receipt you get points that equate to cash or gift cards/prizes.  A few of these apps also require you to scan the items you have listed on the receipt so make sure the items that you’re claiming for money are the right products.

1.Receipt Hog
3.Checkout 51
4.Berry Cart

Shopping/ Survey Based: The following apps are similar to the receipt based however they don’t all require receipts/items being purchased. Many of these apps require you simply to have your location turned on while you are shopping and you receive points simply for being in store. With the points you can receive cash or gift cards for purchase at particular stores like Amazon and Target. These gift cards can be used to purchase gifts during the holidays, or actually given as gifts!

5. ShopKick
6.Panel App
7. Grocery iQ
8.Saving Star

Money Back: These apps give you a percentage of money back based off the online store you are making your purchases from. I love these apps in particular during the holidays because  you also get some money back for reffering other friends to the app. Ebates is BAE and you can now even get back from them at certain stores in person instead of simply online shopping!

10. Ebates
11. Checkout Smart


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Savings Apps: These apps are great to help you save for bigger purchases or needs. I’m currently using Acorns and Digit, but I’ve also experimented bit with Qapital as well. Overall they fit the needs of every budget and make it simple to save money for paying off debt, to saving for a vacation. If you struggle with budgeting these apps will even round up your day to day purchases and save those coins while turning them into dollars!

12. Acorns
13. Digit
14. Qapital

Budget Apps: I don’t know about you but I am busy as hell! These apps help take the madness out of creating realistic budgets and sticking to them. These apps provide you with a stable method of keeping track of how much money you have spent whether on a daily or weekly basis. They show you how much expendable cash you have, how much you have saved and how close you are to achieving the saving goals you have set. You may not need more than one or two of these particular apps because they are all pretty similar and have the same features.

15. Toshl Finance
16. Unsplurge
17. Level
18. Mint
19. Bill Tracker
20. You Need A Budget
21. Debt Tracker Pro
22. Daily Budget
23. Simple
24. Good Budget
25. Santa’s Bag: This one is one of my faves as it helps you track how much you have spent on Christmas gifts and helps you stay within your budget during your holiday spending sprees!

Hopefully you download a few useful/helpful apps mentioned above and get you on your way to making and saving some coins during this holiday season. Drop your favorite app in the comments below!

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