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*Raises Hand: I am a highlighter addict and I am not ashamed to admit it. I don’t know what we were doing before the age of the highlight but… now that we have arrived there is no going back. Highlighting is one of my favorite steps in applying makeup, and if you’ve been following us on Twitter or watching our IG stories then you’ve seen me sharing the highlighters I’ve been using all last week. I was doing research for you guys.. I promise (or I was just playing with makeup either or will do).

In doing my “research” with many many many highlighters, I’ve come to the final conclusion that not all highlighters are created equally. And just because a highlighter is “high end” and expensive doesn’t;t mean it is going to work for you. As with most makeup trends, finding the right balance for our beautiful melanated skin can be a hassle.  But it doesn’t have to be! I’m sharing the best highlighters for women of color that will prevent that annoying dry ashy look.


highlighters for women of color

Best Highlighters For Women Of Color

1. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator  (7.99) This is one of my absolute favorite liquid highlighters and the price is right! Besides it being affordable it is also located in most local drug stores as well as Ulta and NYXcosmetics.com. I use this highlighter a few different ways and it comes in four different shades. My favorite is Pure Gold but I also dabble in Sun Goddess every now and then depending on the look I’m going for. I’m strongly considering purchasing Gleam as well to add to my arsenal.

2. Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector “Rose Gold” (38.00): I am a Becca fanatic. There hasn’t been a Becca product I’ve run into yet that has let me down and their extensive amount of glowy highlighting products is amazing. Though I’m partial to the blushes, this Shimmering Skin Perfector is a staple in my makeup repertoire and always gives me just the right amount of shimmer and pop on the cheekbones without being too much. The picture below is a mix of perfect sun and Becca’s shimmering skin perfect

highlighters for women of color

3. Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder “Bronze Glow” (48.00) : This isn’t the first time at the rodeo for this product on TNT. I love the Bobbi Brown highlighting powder. It is the perfect amount of sparkle to the cheek bones when you want to be seen. I usually use this highlighter in the evening but every now and then when I brighten up the day I throw some of this powder on and I feel so unstoppable. (Pictured below)


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4. LAQA & Co B’Lighter “Peacher’s Daughter”-  At first I was nervous to try this highlighter that doubles as a blush (hence the name B’Lighter) because of how light it looked. I tend to go for bronzer/golder highlighters but I was pleasantly surprised. At first it went on super light and pink… DONT PANIC! After you blend it in to your face, it warms up and gives a beautiful glowy sheen. Because of that it works well with any shade of brown!

5. Urban Decay Illuminated Shimmering Powder “Lit” (38.00)– This highlighter is perfect for highlighting the brow bone, water line, and inner corner of the eye. It’ll also bring a beautiful highlight to the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. I haven’t used this highlighter on my cheek yet because it is very shimmery/glittery. Perhaps for an evening look I may give that a try, but for now my Urban Decay Lit helps me stay LIT subtly.

6. Wet & Wild “Aria Sand-Castle”- (5.00): Wet & Wild is really doing their thing when it comes to keeping up with makeup trends and developments. I used to only go to Wet & Wild for really affordable matte lipsticks, and now their highlighter has caught my attention as it should. You are going to need to build with this highlighter for it to show, but if you are looking for just a light shimmer without the dramatics this should definitely be your highlighter of choice.

7. Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfecting Illuminator “Opal” Like I said… Becca ain’t new to this… they are true to this. They release some of the absolute best highlighters and they work so well for women of color. This shimmering skin perfecting illuminator is fairly new and comes in all of the shades that their pressed/poured versions come in as well. I have Opal and it gives a light golden shimmer to the skin. I tend to either mix or alternate between this highlighter and the NYX as the base beneath my powder highlighters or my foundation.

What is your fave go to highlighter? Share with us in the comments below so I can go spend more of my hard earned money being luminous!! You can also follow our Makeup dedicated Pinterest board below!

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