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2016 is almost over… and we’ve got about 2 weeks to get our ish in order. Doesn’t seem like a lot of time I know… but it’s still time to place an order  that will help dictate just how organized or disorganized we are for the upcoming 365 days. Im a huge fan/advocate of planners and usually have about 2-3 at any one time. Why? Because they usually serve different purposes, and because I am a commuter and have 2-3 of just about everything so I don’t have to carry things around on the train. (How’s that for an honesty moment LOL).

This year I’m going to try and be even more organized than I theoretically already am, and stick to one planner that can double/triple up for work, personal, and business life. That’s the beauty in the planners I’ve suggested below they are customizable and adaptable to whatever your needs are in a planner.

So if you’re looking to get your life in order, I highly suggest taking a peak at these paleness to get your 2017 in order, because before you know it 2017 won’t be knocking on our door step it’ll be HERE! You can also join our 21 day “Straighten Your Crown” challenge where we share daily motivation, mediation, affirmations and more! Girl we are here to help you slay your 2017 are you down?!?!?

Best Planners To Get Your 2017 In Order

planners to get your 2017 in order


1. The Happiness Planner I’m all about positivity and positive energy in 2017. If you are a part of our 21 day “Straighten Your Challenge” then you already know that happiness is up to us! This planer is super cute, comes in multiple colors (you know I had to go for the pink & gold one! ) and helps you stay focused on seeking the happiness and beauty in all aspects of life. It is a bit heavy (because its filled with awesomeness) so this planner would be best for staying at home or at work!


2. The Life Planner  Erin Condren is the queen of planners! Again.. I’m on a pink and gold kick as of late, so this planner jumped out at me!! You can personalize this life planner to have your name, images, quotes… just about anything you want. I love the versatility of this planner, but I also love that if you don’t want the “life planner” option you can go with a regular planner with less pages but still perfect for organizing your daily routines. The life planner is also a bit heavy, but the regular planner is perfect for traveling with you in your bag.


3. Kate Spade Planner I am a LOVER of all things Kate Spade. Just check my bag, wallet, and cell phone case and you won’t even have to ask why. Her design aesthetic speaks to my soul, and this planner speaks to my heart! I love how light weight yet still dense enough to fill my every day life, work and business plans/goals. This planner can double as a stay at home/work or carry in your bag kind of planer. It does take up space though so choose wisely.


4. 52 Lists for Happiness : I recently purchased this planner for my best friend and both she and I are in LOVE with it! Positivity can be difficult through tough times, but with daily reminders and activities to focus on the beauty of life, it gets easier and a part of the normal routine. Making happiness a part of the daily routine is my goal for 2017! This planner is more of a journal/happy space but sometimes you need to take time out of your life to plan your own happiness. That is why I chose to include it in this list… take some time out for yourself and pencil your happiness in no matter the cost!


5. My Dream Year PlannerIf you have goals (which we all should) then the my dream year planner is for you! This planner helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the year and not just in January when your resolutions are fresh in your mind. Those of us that can’t seem to get our dream off the ground, just need a little push and this planner will help keep you accountable.


6. Financially Forward Money Planner : As I get one step closer to paying off my student loans I thank God that a planner like this exists! This planner is so crucial to the millennial that is struggling to purchase a home, and pay off their student loans. So many of us are in that same boat! This planner helps you stay financially focused so you can do more of what you love and want with your money the right way!

What planners have you used in the past to help get your life in order? Share some planner ideas with us below we’re always open to more ideas! And if you haven’t already join in on our 21 Day Straighten Your Crown Challenge for daily affirmations, motivation , meditation and more!