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With all of the credit card options it can be really difficult to navigate which are really the best reward credit cards available. The truth is that we each individually are looking for a particular benefit or reward offered and have different financial situations/ obligations. So with this list I’ve mapped it out for you giving as much detail as possible, without being too confusing. 

This list not only navigates you through the best reward cards on the market for 2019, but I also dive into the APR, the interest rates, and the rewards themselves. Because no one likes a tricky sneaky credit card company that shows all this dazzle up front, and is really crap when you dive deeper. So let’s do just that! 


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Best Bonus Rewards Credit Cards Of 2019

1. Capital One Venture Card:

This card is my jam and here’s why! I got this card back in 2015, and since then have booked not one, not two, but THREE vacations using my points. I use this card as my main month to month staple, so it is frequently in a daily rotation. There are two versions of this particular card so let me break down the differences/similarities and benefits for you. 

The card described above is the one with the 95.00 dollar annual fee with one year of the fee waived. The other version of this card has similar benefits without the annual fee. The main three differences is you earn 1.5 miles on every purchase instead of 2times, you earn 20,000 bonus points spending 3,000 within the first 3 months, and there was no global entry/TSA pre-check fee waiver. Everything else is exactly the same.                 

2. Discover It Cash Back

3. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

best reward credit cards

4. Citi Double Cash Card

best reward credit cards

5. Capital One Quicksilver

best reward credit cards

6. Wells Fargo Propel American Express 

best reward credit cards

7. Blue Cash Preferred American Express

best reward credit cards

8. Discover It Secured

best reward credit cards

9. Citi Rewards+

I also have this card and it was pivotal in my trip to London/Paris back in 2016, and recently for me buying furniture for my new home. This was also my first credit card since 2008, so you can tell it has a special place in my heart. It started out as a student credit card and fazed into the Citi Rewards+ card. I am a fan of the no annual fee, as well as being able to use my thank you points for Amazon purchases as well!

best reward credit cards

10. Blue Cash Everyday Card From American Express 

best reward credit cards

I hope this post was helpful in discerning between the best reward credit cards of 2019. Remember go with the card that is most beneficial to you and always use your credit cards responsibly ! No reward is worth interest! Trust me! 

Until the next time,