So far so good right, we’ve got a second post in the series! Hooray for me for making it to week 2! If you missed week one where I shared the books I’m reading on my commute I’ve linked that post below! If you live in NYC or have ever visited NYC, then you know that we are a loud bunch of people! Especially if you are taking the ever so illustrious MTA. Public transportation is one of the loudest and most cumbersome tasks you will ever have to do… and for most you will have to do it at least 5 days a week.


Girl on the train: Best Books To Read On Your Commute

Now while my commute isn’t as treacherous as the nightmares I’ve heard about, I do like to have my own peace of mind at the ungodly hours I am on the train ( 6:10 in the morning to be exact!) With that being said I love reading, but sometimes I need a little extra something to drown out the noise. That is when I introduce my two little Apple earbuds to my ears and cancel out the rest of the world. I’ve been experimenting with different things to alter my mood quite a bit and I can not wait to share them with you! With out further adieu… here’s what I’m listening to on my commute.

Girl on The Train: Best Things To Listen To On Your Commute

1. “Coloring Book”– Chance The Rapper: I know I know… I’m always extra late to the party but after attending Made in America this year I fell head over heels with Chance the Rapper. His carefree vibe was so infectious and after giving his most recent mixtape a full listen from start to end I was hooked! This album makes me feel so many things that I haven’t felt before when listening to a body of music. It made me feel emotions in general, something I haven’t felt in years (even with the two amazing Beyonce visual albums released *Gasp*). One of my co-workers had been recommending Chance to me for years and I obviously ignored him. But I think my new found love for Chance comes at just the right time. It is the perfect album to put me in the best mood when heading to and from work. There’s not a track that I dislike (which is a miracle) and I listen to it 2-3 times a DAY! I’m now giving “Acid Rap” a once over and I’ll be back with another update shortly I’m sure!

2. “The Cool”- Lupe Fiasco: I know this album is “old” but that term is relative. I asked one of my closest friends what album changed his life. He stated plain and simple “The Cool”. I remember when this album came out, I wasn’t particularly impressed but I did like/enjoy the singles and one of my absolute favorite Lupe tracks comes from this album. As a much older (okay not much older… but old enough) person I enjoy music differently and I must say listening to this album on my commute almost 10 years after its initial release I realized a few things. First… this album is timeless. Many of the things Lupe raps about are still sadly relevant to this day. Second… I wish that I enjoyed Lupe more during his raw unadulterated phase. I LOVED the LASERS album… and most Lupe fans did not. That was a much more watered down version of who he was/is as an artist. The Cool puts you in a mood that is hard to explain but is definitely worth a first, second, and third listen on your commute.


3. “A Seat At The Table”- Solange: Eclectic yes… but Solange is so much more than that. This album is very much needed in a time where black woman’s voices are silenced simply because they exist. I have been a Solange fan for years and I have been waiting for this album at the door! She opened up and spilled her hear all over this album and I love her for that. It makes me feel that it is okay to do the same in all aspects of life, so when I’m walking along to and from my train in a hurry, I’m reminded that what I have to say matters and how I want to say it can not be silenced.

4. The Read (Podcast): I’m trying to get more and more into podcasts that have a fucking point (excuse my French). Podcasts are popular now, so they are popping up everywhere. However a podcast should never ever be a waste of time. The whole point of a podcast is to effectively gather information from people you trust, or people you want to hear from. So when my friend recommended listening to The Read I was weary and skeptical. It is more than just a millennial meeting of the minds, it lays shit out BARE and I love that. They say things people want to say without worrying about the repercussions or other’s thoughts. I like that it isn’t too “educational” because podcasts that try to “sound educated” often sound like they’ve put their foot in their mouth. It is explicit as is mostly everything that I enjoy and that just adds to the rawness of their topics of conversation. The Read may not be for everybody, but it truly is perfect for me when I don’t want to read, and don’t want to hear anyone sing anything! Whenever I just want the truth… The Read is where its at.

5. *Shuffle: Sometimes… I don’t know what I want to hear or how I want to feel. Sometimes I just want to hear things that will get me through the commute, get my day started, and help me end it as well. That is when good old shuffle comes in handy. I can listen to just about anything when I’m in “those moods” which is when my iPod comes in handy. I have an old school iPod with the old charger and I love it. It takes me back to high school days with old school reggae, hip hop, and r&b. The moments when I rely on shuffle remind me just how random life can really be and that is okay!

Never be afraid to let your life become one giant shuffle!! Thanks for joining in! What do you listen to on your commute? Share your answers with me below I’m always looking for something new to listen to!