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I finally did it ya’ll I got a gym member! Those who know me know why it is so shocking to hear me say that, and those that don’t know me well I’ll tell you why. For the last three years I’ve been avoiding getting my own gym membership and have stuck to simply running outdoors. During that time I’ve started and stopped and started up again. In 2015 I vowed to continue the process and run throughout the whole year.

I was successful in completing this goal so when 2016 rolled around I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to keep running. And I was able to tag along with my friends and brothers who had free buddy passes with their gym memberships. So overall I was getting just the right amount of what I needed from a gym and focusing mostly on my outdoor workouts.

Then fast forward to winter, and this is definitely not like 2015. Last year NYC barely had a real winter. Yes we did have that one gigantic snow storm, and the next day it was 55 degrees. So I was able to run so much easier in decent weather. This year… not so much. I joined a gym to continue running (even though I really hate treadmills) and add more weight and strength training to my routines. So far I’ve been going for about three weeks 3-4 times a week and I’m enjoying it. However I know how easy it is to fall into a rut and get bored at the gym.

To avoid that I’ve come up with my top 10 favorite songs to run to and threw them all one one playlist. This way when I’m sweating up a storm I can do so with a little swag in my step! Check out my recommendation below for 10 best workout songs to get you lit!

10 Best Workout Songs To Get You Lit In The Gym

best workout songs

1. Starboy- The Weeknd

2. We Are Young Remix

3. I Took A Pill In Ibiza Remix- Mike Posner

4. Wild Things- Alessia Cara

5. Work- Rihanna ft. Drake

6. Formation- Beyonce

7. Fade- Kanye West

8. The Greatest- Sia

9. CRZY- Kehlani

10. Fake Love- Drake

What’s your favorite workout tune? Did it make the list? If not leave some suggestions for us below so we can add it to our playlists too!

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