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FTC: This post is not sponsored + I am not a financial advisor. Just one millennial sharing some insight and tips to another!!

Thanksgiving is in a few days, and you know what that means? Spending time around the dinner table with your loved ones giving thanks for all you have and all that is yet to come. Once all that  gooey show of emotion is out the window, it is then time to create a game plan of which stores and sales you are going to tackle on Black Friday.


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I usually don’t prescribe to Black Friday shopping for two reasons 1)I’m in debt which makes me cheap as hell with my money 2) Most of those sales are a joke/ and or will last for the entire holiday season. Just never saw the need to go out and run into stores with the masses for a discount on a TV. BUT… times they are a changing.

I will be Black Friday shopping this year (I can’t tell you why just yet) but I’ll still be making sure that my coin is only spent in the absolute best possible way. In creating my Black Friday shopping game plan, I’ve cultivated this game plan for you too because the best way to do Black Friday shopping is to do Black Friday Shopping without over spending! PERIOD!

Black Friday Shopping Without Overspending

How To Do Black Friday Shopping Without Overspending

1. Make the Most Out Of Cash Back: If you’re not getting major cash back during the holiday season you’re doing it ALL wrong! This is the time your Ebates account will thrive if you are an online shopper (and I think they started to count in store purchases as well).

I just recently started using DOSH and at the perfect time. DOSH is like Ebates but 20% better! You get a much higher payout faster, the cash back percentages are higher, and your referral incentive is so much better! You get 5 dollars for every person that signs up and connects their card. They don’t even need to make a purchase or do anything else. It’s that simple! You get 5 and that person also gets 5 to start off! You can sign up here or use my code: MELISSJ64

Don’t you dare shop online with out getting the cash back you deserve! Sheesh you might even be able to pay off your credit card bill with the cash back you make (Yeah… that’s how dope DOSH is!)

2. Create a Solid Budget: Ugh… there goes that dreaded “B” word that we’ve grown to have a love hate relationship with. But honestly sticking to a budget during the holiday season is super hard… I get it. (How To Avoid Over Spending During The Holidays) But you don’t want to wake up on January 1st with a hangover and a monster credit card bill. You’ve got a few days left to pick a solid number that you will not exceed in spending.

Be realistic with your self. Take into consideration how many gifts you have to buy, and how much you can actually afford. This will not only help you in picking out a solid decent number you can live with, it’ll make sure you reach a HARD STOP when you’ve spent that particular amount. This also helps me to cut down on my gifting list.

3. Pay Attention to Early Sales: There are some Black Friday sales already happening. As a matter of fact most of the places that I’ve been looking already have early “door busters” happening online and in store. Try places like Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, BJ’s and more. Take a look at your favorite store, or any store you plan on running through and see if their sales have already started so you can get a head start.

4. Make A List + Check It Thrice: Make a list of the things you are looking for and don’t just go into the stores with money and excitement in your heart. I promise you, you’ll leave with nothing but despair and a bad back from waiting on those long lines. After you’ve created the list of things you want/need to buy, check the list again. Are most of these things for you or for other people. You want to either have the list weigh out evenly or lean more towards gifting. Chances are whatever it is that you “NEED” to buy, you don’t really need it. If you can essentially do with out it, or can cut a few people off of your gifting list, save yourself the hassle and cross the item off of the list. Your pockets will thank you.

5. Know What Is Worth Your Coin: Very similarly to Amazon Prime Day, people will start spending money on Black Friday on things that are not worth it. IE: Clothes and Cellphones, Makeup, and some tech. Just because there’s a shiny sale sign and a 50% off sticker attached to an item doesn’t;t mean you’re actually getting the best deal for your money. If the item isn’t on your list, you shouldn’t even be looking it its way to be honest! But if it is on your list and you see a deal that looks too good to be true, double check the items in its category.

Just because a TV or computer is on sale doesn’t mean you’re getting a good deal. It could be the store pushing out older models, or giving you basic things with less bells and whistles but making it seem like you’re getting top of the line.

Pay close attention to the specs of everything you buy and compare it to the prices of other sale items and regular priced items. (Also.. never buy phones during Black Friday… it’s not a deal trust me! )

There you have it! 5 quick tips for you to pay attention to when doing your Black Friday Shopping without overspending!

Until the next time,