black girl magic

Trials N’ Tresses is 3 years old this month and it really couldn’t come at a better time in our lives. Shakira and I often joke about one of the famous lines in “The Color Purple” relating directly to our lives: “All My Life I Had To Fight”. Why? Because throughout the past three years of TNT existence… thats really all that we have been doing to survive. That leads us to an even bigger question: What Does It Really Mean To Have Black Girl Magic?

What Does It Really Mean To Have Black Girl Magic?


While the overall existence of black girl magic can be dated back to… oh IDK since we’ve existed, the term didn’t start to catch fire until the past year or two. With “Black Girls Rock” getting bigger and better every year, the presence of Black Girl Magic could no longer be ignored.  But what exactly is it? And does every black woman possess it? In the simplest and shortest terms: Yes. Every black woman possesses the capacity and ability to create magic that sets the world on fire. Does every single black woman create magic at all times… No. It can be pretty tiring to be magical 24/7, and we aren’t perfect. We make faux pas, we aren’t perfect and sometimes we do less than magical shit .   But if Beyonce’s latest album release has taught us anything, its that we can surely always turn lemons into Lemonade. Overall as individuals we are magic, and as a whole we are an unstoppable magical force. I mean… we all know what happens when you are in the presence of a magical black woman and just so happen to touch her:

CT4u5fBUkAEHQHf So in short Black Girl Magic: is the powerful force that drives black women to create change, art, diversity, beauty, and love from deep within her. It’s the force that stands behind us to get us through those long nights studying, being a full time mom, daughter, or wife. Black Girl Magic is unstoppable!

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And in these three years of Trials N’ Tresses land we have made it our absolute mission to uplift black women and put their magic on display. But now today, we are taking time out to share and celebrate our own black girl magic. Trials N’ Tresses is completely and utterly run by just Shakira and I. It is a daunting and tiring task that was filled with many highs and many many many lows. Learning the blog world and all that goes into it was challenging, but what was even more challenging was both of us were leading full time lives outside of Trials N’ Tresses.

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As some of you may know I am a full time NYC high school teacher. I love my job, and take it seriously. Therefore I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to split my time between lesson planning, grading and other teacher activities with blog events, blogging, and other TNT activities. Not saying this to brag or complain, just showing how far my Black Girl Magic has gotten me.

tumblr_nn2byzOHsa1tiqlv9o1_500What some of you may not know, is my partner Shakira, the other half of Trials N’ Tresses was in Law School at one of the most prestigious schools in NYC full time! From the moment Trials N’ Tresses started, she hit the ground running in Law School and we knew it was going to be a difficult and challenging road. And now… fast forward three years later, not only is Trials N’ Tresses still alive and kicking, Shakira is graduating from Law School in less than a week with a full time job at a top law firm waiting for her on the other end of the graduation stage.

This accomplishment definitely called for a celebration. I wanted to get a gift that demonstrated exactly what black girl magic meant. I wanted something strong, yet subtle because we all know that the magic that we created doesn’t have to be loud or brash. In searching high and low for the perfect gift for her graduation, I was given the opportunity to review the oh so official “Black Girl Magic” 14k gold filled necklace by Essence Murjani.

black girl magic

black girl magic


This necklace is a hand stamped plate and differs from a gold plated piece. To be labeled gold filled the gold content must be at least 1/20th of the weight of the piece. In easier terms to understand: it is more valuable than gold plated because it contains more gold. This gold filled piece is also tarnish resistant an can last a lifetime if properly maintained (try not to take showers with it, and polish whenever you see fit)

black girl magic

This simple beautiful piece makes a statement without being over the top. It is interesting enough to be a conversation starter in social settings, while being low key enough to fit with any outfit to any event. I can’t wait to see Shakira’s face when she puts it on! I highly recommend Essence Murjani’s “Black Girl Magic” gold filled necklace for your upcoming gifting needs. Recognize the #blackgirlmagic in your presence and celebrate the accomplishments they have achieved.

black girl magic