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black history month matters
Celebrities, brands, companies, businesses, schools, and people of all walks of life celebrate Black History Month to the 9s because it deserves that celebration. Macy’s has put together a major Black History Month celebration and I couldn’t be more excited.
black history month matters

Join Macy’s in their celebration of black innovators and visionaries for Black History Month! And who’s hosting you might be wondering? Laverne Cox! The equal rights advocate will be there to have an in-depth conversation and discuss how Black History has influenced innovation in her career. Following the discussion, you’ll also get the opportunity to meet her while enjoying live music.

*RSVP is required for Meet and Greet. So here are the deets…

black history month matters

Macy’s Black History Month Event Details:

Location: Macy’s Herald Square

Date: Thursday February 22nd

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Host: Laverne Cox

RSVP: Access is free but, in order to have an opportunity to meet Laverne you’re going to need to RSVP here. 

This Is Why Black History Month Matters

We are smack in the middle of Black History Month and it is LIT!! And if you know what I know… you’re not only enjoying Black History Month but you are also celebrating one of the most soon to be record breaking film debuts in Marvel History! #WakandaForever!

When I was younger I thought of Black History Month only as the time when I would get extra assignments and have to present facts in front of the class about black heroes. Then I got a little older and pre occupied with myself (you know how self absorbed teenagers can get… sorry) and less focused on knowing or sharing knowledge about black history. I spent  four years in high school focused on myself, boys, shopping, and tests.       


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Flash foward to college and I found myself confused and angry. As I learned more about black history, I felt that it shouldn’t constrained to simply one month. Even during my first two years of teaching at a primarily African American high school, I was refusing to do anything Black History focused during February because it felt too forced.
black history month matters
Six years later I’m singing a much different tune. Black History month matters more than I knew, more than I could fathom at the time. It is about representation, and honoring what has often been forgotten. It matters so our children’s children’s children can see people that look like them in all aspects of their lives. On TV, in the movies, in stores, in office…everywhere!
The internet has made it so that we can find all types of information rather quickly. Add in a trending hashtag and you’ve got the attention of the world. Black History Month helps to increase awareness about many things that are often unknown or forgotten. And I for one just take simple joys in seeing #BlackHistoryMonth trending on twitter consistently throughout the month.
black history month matters
Year after year, I find myself constantly learning about, amazing people, events, and inventions that I was never aware of. Besides that I also re-learn information that I may have forgotten, gain new perspectives on details I’ve already learned, and hear about more and more unsung heroes. My favorite part about Black History Month is not just the wealth of knowledge it is how it is spread/shared. It is a celebration all day, everyday, and it is one I enjoy. Black excellence is not simply highlighted for 28 days… it is CELEBRATED and the celebration is the BOMB!
I really hope to see all my NYC boos in the building at this event! Let me know why Black History Month matters to you in the comments below!