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We’re back at it again sharing our wish list for the holidays and this year we’re doing it bigger and better. If you haven’t seen our mega list of black businesses you don’t know what your’e missing! We already know there’s power in our numbers so lets show it! Here’s 225 black owned businesses to shop this holiday season! 

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Besides our mega list we’re sharing the specifics on what we want our lovely family and friends to spend coin on just for us! (Hope you’re reading this… hint hint!) If you’re in a bind on what to get your family members, co workers, or friends we’ve got you covered! Check our our bomb black owned business gift guide below and shop to your hearts content!


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Don’t forget whether shopping black owned or not get in where you fit and save those coins as much as possible! Sign up for cash back sites like Ebates to ensure you don’t leave any of your money on the floor this season!


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The Bomb Black Owned Business Gift Guide

black owned business gift guide


  1. Black Educated Queen Sweater (44.99)
  2. Queens Facts Shirt (24.99)
  3. Bae Goals Tee  (26.00)

Beauty Products/ Accessories:

4. The Wrap Life “RHI” (24.00)

5. The Lip Bar “Prima Donna” (13.00)

6. Mischo Beauty “#NYFW Nail Lacquer” (54.00)

7. Cleanse by Lauren Napier  (20.00)

Skin Care:

8. Tender Organics Milk & Shea Raw Body Butter (14.00)

9. Pooka Pure & Simple Guava Berry Sugar Body Polish (20.00)

10. Shea Shea Bakery Honey Bubble Bath 

Hair Products:

11. Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly  (15.00)

12. Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin (25.00)

13. The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Hair Mask (19.99)

Which product are you in love with? Share your holiday wish list with us below!