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We’ve still got a whole lot of summer left! With about 5 weeks left in my favorite season (and my amaze balls major vacation coming up) I’ve been on the hunt for some killer swimsuits. I’ll be heading to Croatia in a few weeks and want to strictly live in bathing suits the entire time. So what does that mean? As I search… I curate bomb options for you! While deciding on what looks I wanted to go for, I did decide on one thing. I wanted all of my swimwear this summer to be black owned. Why? Because why not! It’s not like they aren’t out there right?

Often times when people think about supporting black owned businesses you often hear 1 of three things (if not all three). It is more expensive, there is a lack of variety/options, or poor customer service. I’m here to tell you now- those are terrible stereotypes and that is not always the case. This list provides you options, has great people backing it making the customer service awesome, and the swimsuits vary in price.


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Without further adieu lets dive in (see what I did there) into the 9 black owned swimwear lines to help you slay this summer.

black owned swimwear lines

9 Black Owned Swimwear Lines To Help You Slay This Summer

1. Bare Swim: Based in California owner Carnita Nicole is bringing the swag with the slay. At Bare Swim you can find both two pieces and one pieces. What I like the most: Besides the witty slogans on the swim suits, you don’t have to pay separate costs for a top and bottom if you are ordering a 2 piece. (That kind of irks my nerves)

Price Range: Moderate. A swimsuit at Bare Swim will probably cost you 40-50 bucks. You can use code: TNTSWIM for a limited time to get 15% off your order!
Order Here: Bare Swim

2. Goldfish Swimm Created by Bianca Golden from America’s Next Top Model, this New York native (I believe she is from Queens if memory serves me well) is bringing the sexy for thee oh so affordable! I love the price point on these swim suits because I’m not going to lie… as a teacher with student loans… sometimes it is not quite feasible for me to drop 100+ bucks on a swim suit. Especially when I need to order like 5. These bathing suits are BOMB.com and they usually have a dope sale or free shipping occuring. Count me in!

Price Range: Affordable. Goldfish Swimm suits range from 25-50.00 which is the perfect cost range for you to purchase not just one but two!
Order Here: Goldfish Swimm 

3. Koko D Swimwear:  Tamara Cummings brings the funky fun aspect of summer time living to the flesh with her super fun swimwear line. Basing her vision on her Caribbean descent shines through in all of her designs. I  find that these swimsuits are not only fun and colorful, but the shapes and silhouettes are not often seen/mimicked in the market. This means when you go to slay on the beach or on your vacation you’ll be turning heads and unique!

Price Range: Slightly Above Moderate. KoKo D. Swimwear will run you $65-90 bucks on average for a super cute swimsuit. KoKo D is also another line that charges one fee for their 2 pieces so I appreciate that as well. This swimline is bordering/towing the line of expensive and affordable (in my own financial lane anyway). 
Order Here Koko D Swimwear 

4. HGC Apparel: I’ve been waiting on HGC apparel to drop a swim line for a while now so when they announced on their Instagram they had a “Black By Popular Demand” bikini on the site… I was there at 7:00am hitting that “add to cart button’. They do also have male swim trunks so if you and BAE want to be cute and woke together on your BAEcation I suggest you pick him up a pair. Since I’ve ordered they’ve added a black version to complement their matching sweaters, and a “Proud Black Woman” one piece as well.

Price Range: Moderate. This was a bit of a “splurge” for me, because I’m literally always on a spending diet. The HGC swimline is absolutely moderately priced. The swimsuits will run you 55.00 bucks while BAE’s swim trunks will cost you another 45.
Order Here: HGC Apparel 

5. Nakimuli: This brand includes tons of funky fun bright colors and African prints which have become severely on trend over the last few years. Nakimuli stems from Tennille McMillan and got its start out in Brooklyn, NY. What I love about this line (besides that Eva Marcille and Danielle Brooks have been spotted wearing it) is that they don’t just cater to one size, style or shape of women. They also use models on their site that fit the appearance of a variety of beautiful women.

Price Range: Slightly Above Moderate to High. This brand does charge separately for bikini bottoms and tops. The range of prices go anywhere from 48.00 (average price of a bikini bottom) to 110.00.
Order Here: Nakimuli 

6. Rue 107: Rue 107 also has an aesthetically pleasing representation of a variety of women on their site. They also cater to women of all sizes, shapes and colors. This line is more for the woman that wants to look sexy without all of the pomp and circumstance. Don’t get me wrong… you’ll still get attention and compliments rocking one of these badass suits but compared to the previously mentioned lines, this one isn’t too big on incorporating massive amounts of color and print (they do have some pretty bold prints though). If you’re looking for sleek and sexy Rue 107 is your best bet.

Price Range: Slightly Above Moderate. Most swimwear in this line will run you 48-88 dollars, right in the mid range, just before it gets too crazy for my wallets. Rue 107 is also a brand that charges separately for tops and bottoms in their 2 piece bikini options.
Order Here: Rue 107

7. Olori Swim:  Uh… can we say gorgeous!!! These swimsuits are beautiful and you have probably seen them all over Instagram. They come with tons of color and sex appeal to make you look and feel sexy even on your unsexiest of days. They specialize in dope designs with African tribal print and bright colors.

Price Range: High. These swimsuits are going to cost you a grip (100 plus). They are considered/deemed premium quality and I do believe that you get what you pay for. I live in New York and know that we only have nice bikini weather about 4 months out of the year… so I won’t be doing it. But this line is absolutely worth a splurge when you are going to a bomb vacation, or celebrating a milestone life event like a wedding or major birthday milestone.
Order Here: Olori Swim

8. Bfyne: This was the original swimsuit line that sparked my interest in stalking swimsuit lines on Instagram. If you’ve never seen Bfyne swimsuits on the Gram… you’re sleeping! These swimsuits are sexy sexy sexy and will make you feel sexy in them every step you take on the beach or on your glam vacation.

Price Range: High! Most will cost above 100 dollars. These swimsuits are also premium high quality suits and the cost will also reflect that. The good thing about BFYNE is you can catch a deal with suits that go on sale. I saw a few suits ranging in the 75.00-85.00 dollar area on sale! So I suggest signing up for their mailing list and following them on Instagram so you don’t miss out on deals if you are interested in grabbing one of their sexy suits.
Order Here: BFYNE Swim

photo credit: Josiah Fotos

9. Ten & Lee Swimwear: I love love love this line! They are based out in London and are all about celebrating the Caribbean. These swimsuits represent various countries in the West Indies. What you need to keep in mind, is that this will take a bit to ship since it is shipping internationally. However they do offer 20% off tax exemption because you are shopping in the US. You also need to be aware when choosing sizes that these sizes are marked as UK sizes. A simple google search will help you compare between sizes to see what you should be ordering.

Price Range: Slightly Above Moderate. This swimsuit will cost you about 85 dollars. I really just want to mark it off as high but will a good sale/ and the right discounts it would fall into the moderate category so I’ll just leave it there (even though I’m side eyeing my damn self).
Order here: Ten & Lee Swimwear 

What swimsuit lines are you excited to shop for this season? Drop some B.O.B lines we may have missed and should be aware of!