And let the good times keep on rolling! It is Black History Month, we are eleven days away from the Black Panther movie premiere,  and we are continuing to celebrate black excellence. Incase you missed our previous post catch it here! (15 Dope Ways To Celebrate Black History Month 2018). If you’ve got yourself some time (I know right… who really has time these days), or you’re looking for something to help past the time I’ve curated this bomb list (if I do say so myself), of black TV shows to watch in 2018.

Some of the shows are currently playing on TV/ or Netflix, while others are coming out later on during the year. Either way, you’ve got your entire 2018 covered with stellar casting, writing, and entertainment by some great black writers, actors, producers and directors. Let’s take a look and see!

black tv shows

Black TV Shows To Watch In 2018

black tv shows

1. Black Lighting : We’ve been treated to a few black super heroes on screen from Marvel, and now DC comics are taking a stab at it (don’t know what took them so long). Black Lightning is the latest DC super hero TV show to hit the small screen and it seems to do be doing quite well so far. You can catch Black Lightning on the CW weekly or you can wait until the end of season one to binge watch the entire thing. That is more my style, so I’ll be catching it during the summer.

black tv shows

2. The Chi: I cannot even begin to explain how phenomenally amazing this show is, simply from the one episode that I have seen. It was written and produced by Lena Waithe (from Masters of None ) and it is remarkable. I caught the first episode of the season back in December, and decided two things. I couldn’t mentally handle watching such a show in the winter (seasonal depression is real ya’ll) and this show is going to be BIG! Catch The Chi on Sunday nights on Showtime.

3. She’s Gotta Have It: The remake to Spike Lee’s classic first film “She’s Gotta Have It” made a splash on Netflix this past Thanksgiving. Though I haven’t watched the first season just yet (I don’t watch TV during the school year), the critics have praised Nola Darling and friends. I love to see women in lead roles, but certainly love to see Black women in lead roles and this is no different. 

 4. Blackish: I have been meaning to binge watch Blackish for three years… and I have continuously failed. This summer may very well be the summer I get it done! Blackish is revolutionary in so many ways, and has helped spawn Grownish which we are beyond thankful to have on our TV screens. Though we know that there are some gender inequalities happening with Anthony Anderson vs. Tracee Ellis Ross’ paychecks, we won’t let that distract us from the greatness that is Blackish (for now…)

5. Atlanta:  I can’t even explain to you how much I love Atlanta, and how excited I am for the season premiere of season 2 (coming out March 1st on FX). I binged watched the first season of Atlanta on Christmas 2016, and was so saddened that I would have to wait until 2018 for the next season. Though I understand Donald Glover’s schedule became increasingly busy, it was still very sad news. Now fast forward and we are less than a month away from season 2 and I am ecstatic. Atlanta is beautifully written, so much so that it is capable of being funny, serious, entertaining and more all in 22 minutes.

6. Luke Cage: Luke Cage is our Marvel super star that crossed old school comic character to modern day issues in society. Set in Harlem, you can’t help but become intertwined into the story and root for Luke. Luke Cage is a Netflix series so you will have all of the episodes at your disposal all at once. This is another show I caught on to late, only to find out that I’d have to wait almost two years to get another serving. Thankfully 2018 is filled with black excellence on our screen and Luke Cage will be making a return.

7. Grown ish: I haven’t watched Grownish just yet, but I am so excited to. I love a good spinoff show, and I love when it is good enough to stand as an impeccable force all on its own. (think Cosby and A different World) I am so excited to see how far Grownish goes and how its main actress, Yara Shahidi goes in Hollywood, because she has what it takes.

8. Insecure: I have a super girl crush on Issa Rae which means she can do no wrong in my eyes. She has three new HBO shows coming out, but we can’t forget that season three is on its way! Insecure is the pinnacle millennial black girl show, showing all our faults, wrongs, and rights. I can’t say enough about how much I love this show, and I’m excited to see where the story line goes in season 3. I am also excited to see the new shows she has under her sleeve.

9. Dear White People: Netflix really took Dear White People and made it ten times better than the film. I love the character development, the cinematography, and the direction they are taking the show for season two. I was so thrilled to hear that Netflix renewed it so early on, especially during its slew of giving shows the axe (uh… let’s not even bring up Girlboss). Dear White People is set to release in the Spring of 2018, and I for one am excited about that.


10. White Famous: If you’re looking for a show that won’t take up too much time and won’t require too long to watch, then you’ve got White Famous. This show was produced by Jamie Foxx, and Showtime gave it the axe in season one. I haven’t watched this show, and although it was canned by critics and the network, I am still willing to give it a shot and see what the hype (or lack of hype) was all about.

What black tv are you excited to see in 2018?