build a crazy mailing list

It is Thursday so I had to come to you with a new batch of info to help you build your brand the best way you see fit. When I first started blogging I feel like I didn’t have much guidance and was kind of pulling at straws. Especially when it came to the importance of building a mailing list right out of the gate. So if you are looking for some blog help you can tune in here on Thursdays for new Blogger tips (or catch up on the previous blowing tips here! ) You can also join in on our Blogger Bootcamp where we share 7 real ways to increase blog traffic and social media presence completely for free! 

With that info out of the way lets get into the juicy stuff. Building a mailing list is vital to the survival of your blog, brand, and expansion of your business. Why? Because it is yours. Social media is great and can be so beneficial to your brand, but social media is finicky. With algorithms changing every five seconds it can be hard to manage, and can be taken away just as fast with one simple click. Think about it… in the past two months alone I can recall two major pages (one on IG and one on Facebook) being shut down because of someone “reporting” their content. Once you lose that huge audience and you don’t have a means of contacting your followers then you are starting from ZERO! With a strong mailing list you always have access into your audience’s inbox.

Building a mailing list can be tricky, but it is worth the learning curve. Especially if you are trying to gain traffic to your site or you are selling a product… your mailing list is GOLD! So where do you start? Follow me as we proceed!

5 Tricks I Used To Build A Crazy Mailing List

1. Choose the right service provider:

With everything that gains popularity, blogging has created a slew of products to jump on board the blogging bandwagon. The best tip or advice I can ever give you when it comes to blogging decisions: is to ultimately make the best decision or choice for your particular blog. There is no one cookie cutter thing or product that will always create miracles. So… when choosing which provider to house your subbies go with what you need the most. We use Convert Kit. For us it works better than MailChimp and other mailing list providers. They are simple, organized and provide us so many choices for landing pages and emails.  

2. Offer an incentive:

We spent the first year of our blog’s existence with a total of 60 email subscribers and we were sending weekly RSS feeds to them. It wasn’t really engaging and it didn’t really cause people to stick around for too long either. The dreaded unsubscribe can really hurt your feelings the first few times it happens, but it really is a learning experience. The first incentive we ever offered to get people to subscribe was through a giveaway we did with Carols Daughter in which we required people to sign up to our mailing list in order to be entered into the giveaway. This got us 400 subscribers in two weeks. We used that tactic a few other times in a few other giveaways and saw success each time. We wanted more of a consistent incentive and added in a free protective styling ebook when ever anyone signed up. This drew in a much more consistent crowd that stuck around in relation to the giveaway subscribers. When did we really start benefitting off of this incentive method? When we made it more prevalently known in various areas. We used Mail Munch to create visual reminders at the ends of our posts and scrolling at the bottom of our site. When people land on our page the reminder stays with them until they X it out or subscribe. We generally get 75-100 subscribers a week through Mail Munch alone.

3. Partner Up: 

This ties in with offering an incentive. In everything I’ve done in blogging over the past three years, I’ve had the best successes when partnering up with other bloggers or brands. There is no need to alienate yourself or think you have to do it all alone. Join link up parties, comment on other bloggers pages and truly interact. Build relationships (don’t come off as spammy… because that is just annoying). By building relationships and partnerships with other bloggers and brands more eyes have landed on my site which means more eyes have seen my incentive and want to sign up. Don’t put yourself in a corner, definitely think outside of the box and make your partnerships work for you. Whether it is doing a giveaway with another blogger or making the giveaway rule require a mailing list sign up, don’t be afraid to ask or direct people in the direction you want them to go on your site.

4. Provide valuable information:

 No one is going to want to subscribe to your mailing list if you are not providing valuable information. When someone lands on a great post (especially one that has gone viral) they tend to look around the site and see what else you have to offer. If your content doesn’t speak for itself then you won’t get anyone to sign up. The best methods and routes are to go with helpful tips, tricks, life hacks, recipes and mix it in with your life story. People want to be helped and then they’ll also want to get to know the person who has helped them. I’ve signed up for so many mailing lists that have great opt in incentives, but what makes me stay after I have received what drew me is the content that follows. Even when you have someone subscribed you want to keep them subscribed. So make sure your mailing list newsletters is intriguing and not just a copy of your website. Be a valuable part of their inbox so you can stay there.

5. Stay consistent and relevant:  

This is one of the hardest steps! If you decide to send a daily email, weekly, or monthly email… you have to stay consistent to stay at the forefront of your reader’s mind. Inboxes can become flooded so you want to choose the frequency in which you contact your mailing list. We used to send weekly RSS feeds to our 60 initial subscribers.  Talk about boring snooze fest in their inbox. People don’t want to sign up for a mailing list that sends them the same things they can find on your site, and they def don’t want to be spammed. If your readers are used to receiving emails from you every other Monday and you start randomly sending messages all over the place it can cause your reader to feel disengaged. Be as consistent as you possibly can while being a relevant source of important information.

Speaking of staying consistent and relevant, I’m trying more and more to be more consistent with my Blogger Tip Thursday tips. One thing I certainly don’t want to do is  just force myself to give you nonsense for the sake of sharing a blogger tip. Instead I rather share real valuable tips that have worked for me and explain the steps to properly take. That’s why I curated 7 real ways to increase blog traffic and social media presence in our Blogger Bootcamp which you can sign up for here completely for free!

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