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You ever notice that one of the biggest scammers of all time are car dealers and car dealerships? I’ve purchased two cars in my entire adult life (well in my entire overall life) and during both purchases I made sure I was able to buy a car without getting scammed. 


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buy a car without getting scammed

How To Buy A Car Without Getting Scammed 

What do car dealership scams usually look/sound like? 

Glad you asked! If you want to know how to buy a car without getting scammed, you obviously need to know what the scam looks like right? Most car dealers work off of commission, while most car dealerships have deals with a few different banks. In both of those scenarios, making money is their ultimate motivation and they do not care very much about what is in your best interest. 

In keeping this in mind, car dealers will try and get you into “low” monthly payments, which seem like a gift at first. When you really look at it, these “low” monthly payments often extend the life of the car loan way past 5 years. This means that you’re paying more in interest (better for the banks and the dealers) for a longer period of time. 

In addition most of the time after they have gotten you to initial some sort of “contract” they will then try and up sell you all of these other things you don’t need like extended warranties. It’s all a part of the game, and while I respect their ambition, I do not like their hustle. 

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