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Okay… so you’ve got a big birthday coming up, and you absolutely want to celebrate it, but you and your friends don’t have the funds to throw an elaborate Kylie Jenner sized extravaganza. Here’s a wake up call: MOST OF US DON’T! That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate our birthdays like it’s 1999! (and if you’re born after 1999 there’s a good chance you won’t even get this reference which makes me so sad!)

I turned 30 in 2018, and didn’t do much to celebrate. I did go to Greece…  I guess that is kind of doing a little something something. But for those of who can’t afford to go on an international trip (don’t worry my ass can’t afford it any more either, we’re in the same boat) there are plenty of ways you can celebrate your birthday on a budget and still have the time of your life.


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5 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday On A Budget

1. Experience Over Things

I am all about experiences in stead of actual tangible items, which is why I often find myself traveling to new places for my birthday instead of the same old dinner or brunch options. Even if you can’t afford to travel for your birthday, investing in a meaningful and memorable experience is far more enjoyable and friendly to your wallet. You can do a rage room, visit a new limited time trendy museum, or go rock climbing. The ideas are endless and for the most part will cost you less than the standard $40-70 dollar dinner and brunch fee. You can also find tons of free venues/events to have a great birthday on a budget.

2. DIY

I know everyone loves DIY until it’s time to actually do it yourself, but DIY can save you a pretty penny. Especially if you’re trying to follow some sort of theme. Decorations, Food and Invitations can all be done yourself instead of purchasing the higher priced counterpart. You can also save even more money on food if you decide to do a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite dish to the festivities.

3. Keep it simple

I know this is such a “duh” thing to say, but we get so wrapped in having the perfect decor to match our theme when in reality you want to focus on #1. Experience! The party will be popping whether you have every single matching piece of decor on display, or a few things. Over spending and micro managing every piece of your birthday is going to ruin the day.

4. Small Group:

You’ll notice that the more people you add to the mix of your birthday celebration, the more expensive it is going to be, and might I add stress! The more people attending, the more space you’ll need. If you are renting a place this will rack up really quick especially if you’re in a party city like New York or LA. Keep it more intimate: remember it’s the experience! If you’re turning 20 it’ll be a much different desire to party than if you’re turning 30. But at any stage, you want to keep the people around you that are the most important and not just adding people as fluff.

5. Skip the Event Planner:

Do I even need to tell you that you don’t NEED an event planner to celebrate your birthday meaningfully. This is NOT a wedding and you can absolutely enlist in a best friend or two if you really need help. But if you focus on #3- Keep it simple, you shouldn’t have too much planning to do.

There you have it! By following these steps, I’ve managed to have very memorable birthdays that haven’t been over the top financial sinking holds, or inconvenience my friends too greatly.

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