So since I reached the midway point of my twenties I’ve been avoiding overtly celebrating my birthday. For my 26th birthday I completely disregarded the fact that I even had a birthday and went into hibernation mode when the day arrived. But for quite some time I’ve always been intrigued (almost to the point of being obsessed) with my 10,000th day of being alive. Your 10,000 day comes usually about 4 months after your 27th birthday. I turned 27 in August and since then I’ve been looking forward to my big 10k day as I so sweetly call it. I think about what I want to do, what will make this day truly special and memorable, and what will I wear of course!

In doing all of this over the top thinking and planning I of course had to share my thoughts with you and get some feedback! I’ve got about 60 days left before I turn the big 10K and I need some help solidifying how I’ll make my day special. Why do I care? Well because I’ve decided to start celebrating milestones instead of running/hiding from them. Also I really miss my friends and miss having them all together in one room having a great time. And third why not! Being alive for 10,000 days is no simple feat and it is a milestone that only happens once in your life time. After 25… there aren’t too many big moments before 30… so my 10k day is a cause for celebration!

Here are a few of the ideas I’m playing around with so far for what I want to do to celebrate my 10,000th day! I’m so open to more ideas share your thoughts on what I should do or what you would do on your 10,000th day and if I love it I will add it to my list of ideas.

How I’m Celebrating My 10,000th Day

  1. A Party: Growing up I was the ultimate party girl… and by ultimate party girl I mean I’d throw the party and let everyone else have fun while I was just an amazing host. I threw BBQ after BBQ and birthday party after birthday party. But after a certain age I got tired of it… and I guess so did my friends because everyone just stopped throwing events and group gatherings. Life got in the way, adult responsibilities took precedent and now I can’t think of a better way to bring us all together again than to celebrate the amazingness that is ME! (being slightly sarcastic… but not really 😉
  2. A New Tattoo: I have a total of 5 tattoos that are pretty well hidden (some better than others) and each one symbolizes and represents something important to me. When I got my 5th tattoo (which was the same day I got my 4th one as well) I said I would stop, that I had scratched my itch and couldn’t possibly think of anything else that would mean something to me that I’d want to place on my skin forever. Flash forward two years and I want a sixth tattoo. But because I’m such a knit picker when it comes to my ink it has to be something meaninful, and if I can’t think of anything than I won’t get it on that day. But for right now I’m playing around with a few ideas. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the day comes (December 26th) to see if I go through with any new ink or not.
  3. Running 10,000 steps: This year has been my best running year yet. I’ve stuck to it more consistently than I ever have before and have broken many of my own records in speed and distance. While I’m planning to run a marathon at some point in life I know this year isn’t the year that is going to happen. So instead I want to run 10,000 steps in a day. I’ve run this before in nice warm summer weather, but I’m challenging myself to run this year during the winter (pray for me ya’ll). And with my 10k day in December I’m sure I won’t want to be in the streets running 5 miles, but it would be quite a feat to achieve for myself. I may however cheat… and run it on a treadmill but either way… I want to run myself into my 10,000th day!
  4. Donate to a cause: This year I’ve also donated more time, effort and money to more causes than I ever have in the past. And while the causes I’ve donated time and money too are worthy beyond measure, there is one cause that I haven’t dabbled into that I really want to: PCOS. I feel that as a woman who suffers with PCOS I want to do more in that space and that starts with research. So I will be looking into ways to donate or take part in walks…etc.
  5. Do something I am afraid of: This one is kind of vague and leaves me open to many different opportunities. It is also kind of difficult because I cant pin point something I’m truly afraid of that I’d be willing to force myself to do. I also feel like I’ve done just about everything that people would consider “scary” or “death defying” but if you’ve got new ideas for stunts that I can partake in during the cold New York winter months I’m game!
  6. Eat something I’ve never eaten: This one is more for my friends than for me (go figure)! I’m a super picky eater and when I turned 26 I made it a goal that I would try and eat something that I wasn’t a huge fan of. I don’t remember achieving that goal last year, and I believe I put it on my list of goals for this year as well so now all I’m doing really is giving myself a time limit! Who knows I may fall in love with a new food… or I may throw it up who knows! 50/50 chance!
  7. Enjoy the moments: One of my  constant goals is to enjoy what is happening around me. Instead of rushing or pushing through days to get to the next I want to really really enjoy every single moment of my 10,000th day. I want to enjoy it and remember it and be around people who I love and that love me!

    So in wrapping up my short comprehensive list if you think I totally missed the mark or should add something cool… send me a comment below about what you think I should add to the list! I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

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