Black Female Business Owner CEO Spotlight

Elayna Speight Of Inked Designs

inked designs

CEO of Inked Designs 1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Landover, MD in what is known as the DMV (the DC, MD, VA Metro area).

2. What do you want to make sure your audience knows? About you? About your brand?

I want to make sure that my audience knows that Art and Design are my passions. I truly love what I do and I bring that passion to every project I take on. I am a stickler for simple, clean design and I am devoted to crafting the best design to meet your needs. I have experience creating everything from logos, magazines and other multi-page publications, posters, direct mail postcards, and custom watercolor illustrations.

inked designs

3. What made you decide to start your brand?

I decided to go out on my own and create my own design studio because I wanted more control over my life and what I wanted to do for a living. It was an act of faith to be sure but I knew that I was not fulfilling my purpose. So I decided to resign my position and work for myself. It will be 2 years ago in September. My Etsy shop has been open for a little over a year. I had started painting again after a long break and thought it would be a good idea to make prints and sell them. I also sell custom branding packages.

4. What is the motto of your brand?

If I had to say, the motto of my graphic design studio is “We are small and plucky but never short on creativity.”

inked designs

5. Brief background/ synopsis on your brand

I was a graphic designer working in-house for a number of institutions in the DC area and I decided to go out on my own and work for myself. I now work freelance from home and I love it. I pick my hours and clients and dress code. lol I also paint on the side and I sell those prints in my Etsy shop.

6. What is the most rewarding part of your career?/ Least rewarding?

The most rewarding part of my career is that I have the freedom to do what I want. I don’t have to get up early, get on the train, and work in an office every day.  I think all entrepreneurs can relate in that income is not always consistent at least not in the beginning. It can be feast or famine sometimes. But that comes with starting your own business.

inked designs

7. If you weren’t in your field what would you be doing?

If I was not a graphic designer/artist I think I would be a pastry chef or hairdresser. I still might do the pastry chef thing. lol

8. What is going to be your legacy?

I would say my legacy that I leave behind would be that you can do anything you set your mind to. And that with God, all things are possible. I want there to be a legacy of determination, creativity and just overall stick-to-it-ness.

9. Who is the rock behind your empire?

My mother. She is my HR manager, sounding board, support, everything.

inked designs

10. What projects do you have coming up? What should we be looking out for?

I am working on some new pieces so expect those to be up in the shop within the next month or so.

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