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Spring time is here & it is time to put your best face forward! I’m not too big on makeup because life just really doesn’t allow me to be. I also think its a bit of an expensive habit. But there is no denying what a some lipstick can do for your day, so there are times when I dabble into the abyss that is makeup application. Usually I go for a fresh face look because I am in law school and don’t want anything too bold. I personally have stayed away from contouring because it all looks way too hard and complicated for my fast pace life. But with Real Technique Brushes and these 4 tips, every natural girl can make contouring an everyday thing.

contouring for the natural girl

4 Tips For Every Day Contouring For the Natural Girl

contouring for the natural girl

every day contouring for the natural girl1. Enhance your natural beauty: Make sure that you are using the highlights and darks to enhance your natural look. There is no need to try and look like someone else, just the best version of you. I personally love to create oval dark lines on my forehead so that I can draw all the natural light to my face. To do this I use a Retractable Kabuki Brush like this one pictured to the left.

2. Don’t forget to Blend: Blending is very important and can make or break any contouring look. Make sure that you blend all the way out even a little into your hairline to ensure you have a nice even look. Usually I use a beauty blender for this step to make everything smooth even.

contouring for the natural girl

1432_real-techniques_sculpting-brush_33843-m_resized3. Always flash test: Something I personally love doing is taking a picture with the flash on before leaving
the house! This helps me to ensure that I have blended everything out perfectly and all the lines are gone, and have become a beautiful even mix! The first photo I took with the flash I could clearly see the contour lines, which is absolutely NOT a good look. I used a sculpting brush (like the one pictured to the right) to help blend the contour marks out, before going back in with my beauty blender.


contouring for the natural girl

4. Pull the baby hairs out after: Now this tip is especially for my natural ladies. After I put on my make up and I am ready to go, I then use my toothbrush to smooth my edges and ensure that my baby hairs are laid. Doing this after the makeup process helps to ensure that you are even all over and picture perfect!

You can achieve an easy contoured look with the right tools. I used these four brushes to complete my contour process, and my beauty blender! That’s it. You don’t need a ton of expensive tools and brushes. You can get these brushes for 20 bucks at your local Ulta!

contouring for the natural girl contouring for the natural girl

With these tips and tricks Contouring is for everyone, from expert to beginner! And last but not least always make sure you’re having fun!

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10 Responses to 4 Tips For Every Day Contouring For The Natural Girl @RealTechniques

  1. Like you, I don’t wear makeup often. I have oily skin as it is, and I hate putting any sort of non-cleansing chemicals on my face. But for the rare occasions when I do wear makeup, these are great tips! I’d definitely need a contouring tutorial.

  2. I like the idea of flash-testing. I also do not wear a lot of makeup (because it can become an expensive habit + I just do not like to spend a lot of time putting it on) and most days I just throw on some eyeliner and a lip color. 😀

  3. Nice! I could definitely use this. I tend to be more of a natural girl. I only use eye shadow and Carmex and l’m done. Sometimes though, for weddings or special occasions, l need to step it up a bit, this would come in handy. Reasonably priced too 🙂

  4. Looks so natural. I always want to try to contour but I’m afraid of looking like I just came out of the morgue. I see it’s in the product, brush and technique.

  5. Very pretty! Turned out so nice. I could certainly use those brushes and these contouring tips. Beautiful!