I am a Vegan… but I promise you I am the worst kind. I’m a vegan who can’t commit and it drives me crazy. My lack of control in this vegan journey is extremely frustrating. More often than not I’m full force all into this amazing lifestyle that has done wonders for my skin, and my body. When I’m all in, it is great, and when I stumble it gets harder and harder to get back on track.

So in my search to do better, or make it easier to do better I should say I started looking for dairy alternatives that wouldn’t take me forever to make/use. That’s one of my biggest struggles. The first being when I’m out and about trying to find vegan options on menus at restaurants, and the second is making dairy free foods at home. Some of my favorite foods are easier made with dairy products (waffles especially) but with these dairy alternatives it will make it easier on you especially if you are a struggling vegan like I am.


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dairy alternatives for struggling vegans

5 Dairy Alternatives For Struggling Vegans

Almond Milk instead of Cow’s Milk: Well this is probably the easiest and most widely known dairy replacement. Before I decided to go vegan I was already using almond milk for my smoothies and cereal so I was already familiar with the taste. It’s important to drink unsweetened almond milk to reap the benefits. It is important to note that almond milk is not a significant source of protein or calcium, but is lower in calories, cholesterol and fat than regular milk.

Sorbet instead of Ice Cream/ Frozen Yogurt: This one is hard for me, but sorbet is a much better choice/option than ice cream, even though ice cream tastes so so yummy. Sorbet isn’t half bad either though. Sorbet is dairy free and is usually made with fresh ingredients. Another option to take the place of ice cream/ frozen yogurt is ice cream with a almond milk or coconut milk base. My favorite brand is “So Delicious”, but Ben N’ Jerry’s Vegan ice-cream is also a fan fave in my household.

Hummus Instead of Mayo or Cream: I’m not the hugest of hummus fans but it is an easy vegan alternative for mayonnaise and creams in your salad. You can throw it on a bagel, on your sandwich, on your salad it’s pretty universal in that respect. Making it fresh at home is probably the best decision health wise but I promise you I will not be making my own hummus ever ever. But if you do…you are my hero!

Olive Oil Instead Of Butter: I love Olive Oil and besides using it for my natural hair it’s original purpose was for cooking. I use olive oil when I’m roasting potatoes, making fried cauliflower rice, and now I’m starting to experiment with using olive oil instead of butter as well. I do have Earth Balance vegan butter and margarine, but as I move away from processed foods and into more natural alternatives I’m interested to see how well olive oil will work in place of butter.

Tofu instead of Cream Cheese: Now while I don’t love either tofu or cream cheese, I know many people do. Tofu gives you the calcium you need for the day as well as a large amount of iron as well. Tofu serves as a great replacement for cream cheese in many different meals/dishes.

What dairy alternatives are you looking forward to trying? Share your thoughts with us below. You can also follow our dedicated vegan board on Pinterest for more tips, tricks and recipes to maintain a vegan lifestyle.