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Being a millennial in debt doesn’t mean that you have to be lonely. It does mean however that you need to be a bit more creative than those who are more financially free. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Who wants to do the same boring things over and over right? I know I don’t.

I’d like to believe that even when I no longer have student debt (and I’ll be counting down those days for 2.5 more years) I’ll still be financially responsible because I know how easy it is to land back into debt. So these ideas don’t just come in handy for people who are broke or in debt… they come in for those who are classified as “cheap”. Or in my opinion: financially responsible.

Just because a date doesn’t cost an arm and a leg does’t mean that it isn’t going to be fun or memorable. These 30 date ideas for the cheap and broke millennial are not only worth your time  but certainly worth the effort. I’ve tried just about every date idea on this list so they are certainly Mel approved! Enjoy! And you’re welcome!


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30 Date Ideas For The Cheap & Broke Millennial

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