While reading an article on xoNecole asking the question: Is a $50 dollar date possible in New York, I started wondering myself about all of the dates I’ve been on (trust me it’s not many) and what was the final price tally on it. I find myself to be extremely frugal, and while I understand the price of a good time sometimes I couldn’t believe that my hometown wasn’t capable of providing a good time under 50 bucks. Especially when I’ve had entire weekends of fun that cost me under 50.00 dollars (including meals!) But that’s a post I’ll save for another time. For right now its time to dive into the 10 different date ideas in New York that will cost you less than 50.00 dollars. It is all about creativity and trust me ladies and gents you don’t want to date a boring person who lacks the creativity to take you somewhere dope on a date!

10 Date Ideas In New York Under 50 Dollars


1. Yoga Class: Now I know yoga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is, or if you are willing to try it out, there are several options of where you can take a  yoga class for free or for a very small fee. During the summer the city offers various yoga sessions in the parks around all 5 boroughs. If your date just so happens to be in the fall, winter, or spring there is also Yoga Agora in Queens that offers 8 dollar classes 7 days a week, AND several free classes throughout the day in which you can donate whatever you want/have. I hate to even share this little secret because I love this place, but like I said a little creativity goes a long way and you must be flexible (see what I did there…) in order to make it work!


2. Museums: Uh… hello it’s New York! We have tons of different museums that offer a little something for everyone and best of all many museums offer days or times when they are completely free. NYCGO should really become your best friend in finding these great deals! Besides complimentary museum days, you can also head to Groupon or sites similar to Groupon and get a coupon deal to a museum which usually significantly cuts the entrance fee down between 40-70%. I’ve used Groupon to go to the Museum of New York (which is totally cool to visit and learn all about the history of New York) and the Museum of Sex for almost next to nothing.


3. Movie or Picnic In The Park: Being single in New York during the summer months is much easier I will admit. There are tons of films in the park series available in various boroughs. If you cant make it to a scheduled film, just bring your laptop or tablet with you, a blanket and make your own movie in the park. If you are a daytime person or want something with more communication opportunities  you can have a personal picnic (super sweet, romantic and fiscally responsible I might add) where you pack your own food and spend some free time  together enjoying the city’s ambiance.


4. Tour the city: Do you know how many people are natives of New York and don’t know anything about New York. Its a pretty sad statistic really considering the fact that there are so many learning opportunities for cheap. Grab a ticket for a bus tour, or if you’re feeling more adventurous a boat tour of the city. See the sights including the Freedom Tower, Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. I’ve taken one of these boat  tours for 17 dollars for 2 hours. There are usually drink specials on the boat and it really is just an overall good time and great social media photo opp session if you so choose.


5. Walk the Highline & grab some pizza: I’m a Fitbit junkie and love walking the full Highline (1.45 miles each way) to get tons of steps and conversation with good company. It is a beautiful view of the city, tons of artwork along the way, and cute shops and vendors along the path. You have to try the ice cream sandwiches (red velvet flavored is AMAZING)! If little treats aren’t your thing you come on down and head to Artichoke Pizza. They have so many options of different styles of pizza (any style is really my favorite) and will run you about 12-18 bucks for a pie depending on style and size.

6. BYOB: We know that the bulk of money spent on dinner dates comes from the drinks (or if you order a huge steak/lobster. But New York is picking up speed on a trendy choice that I’ve seen take off in Philly and LA. BYOB restaurants allow you to do just that, bring your own beverages to dinner. Some charge a corking fee, some don’t so its best to always walk with your own utensils to open your bottles. BYOB restaurants are cool and trendy, but also help keep the spending down. It’s much easier/cheaper to get a bottle of some adult beverages from a liquor store or drug store and bring it along to dinner rather than be charged 14.00 dollars for a single glass of wine.


7. Zoos & Aquariums: Just like the museums I mentioned earlier, zoos and aquariums also have days where the offer complimentary admission by donation. And anyone who doesn’t know that the Bronx Zoo is free on Wednesdays has not been living in New York for very long. You can even add the botanical gardens to this date idea as well. I’m not a huge fan of Zoos and Aquariums for the same reason I’m not a giant fan of circuses , but if thats your thing it is definitely within your budget to attend and have a great unique date.


8. Smorgasburg: I enjoy eating which is why I am forced to run so often and so hard (or else I’d be the size of a cow). So the Smorgasburg has become my home away from home. This date idea is a 2 for 1 date in my idea because you get the quality hang out time to talk and have fun around some great views and you get to EAT! I’ve been to several different Smorgasburgs around New York (the one in Williamsburg is obviously the original and the best) but what are you to do when it gets cold out? No fear, because this year the Smorgasburg was taken indoors during the winter months. So even if you no longer had the beautiful view of New York from Brooklyn, you still had the food to fill your tummy.


9. Governor’s Island: Governor’s island has got to be one of the most slept on New York gems ever. Even I myself have slept on this island greatly. Governor’s island has a lot of historical fun facts all around, and a lot of fun free things to do. Even if you just want to go for a run with a change of scenery, Governor’s Island would be a great place to do it. It is more than just the home of the festival once a year. There are tons of activities that go on there every weekend during the spring/summer and fall. (not too sure about the winter).


10. Nitehawk Cinema: Nitehawk Cinema is also another little treasured jewel in New York that I don’t hear many people talk about as a great date option. I love the movies and love to eat, so Nitehawk Cinema combines both of those for me. New York doesn’t have those cool drive in dine in movie theaters that can be found across the country, but this is the next best thing. It is a cinema eatery so you can order food and drink while the film is playing. It is also one of the few movie theaters in New York that are under 15.00 (I remember tickets used to cost me 8.00 dollars at most). These tickets will cost you 11 bucks each and the price of food is not as intense as a regular movie theater (18.00 bucks for Nachos…nah no thanks) The variety of food available at this theater is also remarkably yummy!

Honorable Mention : Bryant Park I love Bryant Park and I head there very frequently during the summer especially to get my Wafels & Dinges fix. It is just so crowded that I don’t know if I’d really want to enjoy a first date, or any date there. It does however have tons of free activities to do (movies, concerts in the park..etc) if you don’t mind being around a crowd.

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What is the most fun/active date you’ve ever been on and were you able to keep it under 50 dollars? Do you think a cheaper date makes the person an unlikely candidate to continue  dating? Share your thoughts/answers below!