In case you haven’t figured out… I’m a Donald Glover/ Childish Gambino fanatic (I struggle with what to call him from time to time so bare with me) and you will be susceptible to Donny G content from now on (sorry… not sorry)

From this point on there may be spoilers… so… read at your own risk. I’m also about to get super fan girl nerdy.

So when I found out he was going to be in Spiderman Homecoming (along side my other fave Zendaya… who uh… is the freaking best unconventional MJ ever) I was ecstatic. That wasn’t a spoiler right… like we already knew this? No? Again… sorry… it’s been days. You had your time. Oh and also… Peppa makes a quick visit in the film too and it was awesome.


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Back to our regularly scheduled program. If you’ve been following Donald Glover’s career as closely as I have (it’s a sick obsession I’m telling you) then you know that for quite some time  Donny G fans were campaigning for him to be the next Spiderman when the reboot of the franchise was first announced a few years back. The hashtag #DonaldForSpiderman became a thing on social media after Glover disclosed that he wants the opportunity to audition for the role on Twitter. His fans took it from there.

Although Donald Glover pretty much lives a real life that parallels Peter Parker, seems like the world wasn’t ready (rolls eyes). No biggie… that Amazing Spiderman didn’t sit too well with fans anyway. Fast forward to a more “ready” but still not ready world we have Donald Glover in a Spiderman film. Though he still isn’t playing Spiderman… his character is still a pretty big deal.

Marvel kept Donald Glover’s role under wraps for quite some time and I’m happy they did. I tried my very very very best not to look on any blogs or sites prior to the film coming out so I would’t ruin it for myself…. and on release day I did it anyway. Finding out that Donald Glover was playing Aaron Davis made me even more excited to see the film. Don’t get it twisted… his role in the film is small AF and probably doesn’t total any more than 10 minutes BUT it’s within that time that you get the OH SHIT moment!

Essentially the Jon Watts version of Spiderman Homecoming solidifies the existence of Miles Morales in Peter parker’s universe (the Tom Holland version of course).

Donald Glover's Role In Spiderman Homecoming
Image source: Marvel

Who is Miles Morales and why is this a big deal? The existence of Miles Morales gets us one step closer to seeing an actual black Spiderman on the big screen! Miles Morales was introduced in the Marvel comics back in 2011 as a half black/ half Latino that Spiderman meets in an alternate universe. Miles eventually becomes the new Spiderman after the original faces an untimely demise. (Read the comic: “Ultimate Spiderman” it’s pretty awesome and you know everything always comes back to books with me).

So how does this relate to Glover? Because he is playing Miles Morales’ uncle AKA Aaron Davis AKA “The Prowler”. He is the reason Miles Morales gets his Spiderman powers. He’s pretty bad ass (and he is a “bad guy”/ villain which would be interesting to see Glover play). Knowing that Donald Glover was playing Aaron Davis just prior to seeing the film was pretty exciting, seeing the easter egg dropped every so slyly into the Spiderman/ Aaron dialogue was awesome BUT having the possibility of Miles Morales on screen takes the cake. And we have no one other than Gambino to thank for that (well I’m sure we have others to thank as well… but I don’t know them so).

Marvel hasn’t commented on the direction that the Spiderman franchise will be taking. We know that Tom Holland will reprise his role in another Spiderman stand alone film, and will be in the following Avengers movie. We also know that Marvel is doing right with the Black Panther film coming out in February 2018. With all of those things that we do know… we can only hope that the pendulum will continue to swing into the direction of bringing more diversity onto the big screen.

And if you haven’t seen Spiderman Homecoming, I recommend you do. I’m a bias Marvel junky tho… so you don’t have to take my word for it. I enjoyed the story the film was quite long (almost 2 full hours) and there is no secret easter egg scene at the end (trust me… I waited)