FTC: This post has been sponsored by the yummy drink brand Daily Greens. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Back at it again with another episode of my “Girl On The Train” series, where I’m sharing all of the changes (whether good or bad… its too soon to tell) I’ve made as a new New York commuter. If you haven’t been keeping up with my latest shenanigans you’re in luck, I’ve linked them for you below!


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So… I know it sounds weird that I would even make a post documenting what I’m drinking on my commute but bear with me. In the first years of my teaching career I relied heavily on the comfort of my car during my morning commutes to get many things done. One of the major things that heavily included was eating breakfast. Unfortunately I just can’t get into the flow of eating on the train and my ten minute drive to the station isn’t enough time to eat more than a banana. Usually I’m focused more on beating the other commuters to a good parking spot.

I tried keeping up with my green smoothie life by pre-making them the night before with my Nutri Bullet, but after two AWFUL spills in my bag in September, I’ve been less inclined to make them and carry them with me on my morning commute. That usually leaves me with only two boring options: Water or Tea. Don’t get me wrong I love water, and have a new affinity for Green Tea, however I needed a little boost to at least get me into work so I can eat the breakfast I’ve had to pack and carry! Operating on an empty stomach on an NYC train… will make you a little more than crabby sometimes, so I needed to find some alternatives.

drinking on my commute

Girl On The Train: What I’m Drinking On My Commute

1. Daily Greens Green Juices: Daily Greens creates 100% organic cold pressed  juices. Every bottle contains 4.5 pounds (yup… you read that correctly) of raw cold pressed produce. My drink of choice for my morning commute is the “Morning Greens” flavor (how convenient right!) which contains celery, orange, pineapple, cucumber, spinach, lettuce and lemon.  Daily Greens also has 7 other juice flavors: Harmony, Elevate, Renew, Purity, Green Lemonade, Symmetry, and Vitality. Each drink is helpful in serving a different purpose to help you throughout the day.


My favorite Daily Greens variety is “Green Lemonade” because it is extremely refreshing and has a little spicy kick to it which I love. For the most part I stick to drinking “Morning Greens” because I find that it gives me the right amount of energy I need in the morning. While I don’t always love the taste of celery in my drinks, this blend is a nice mix that masks the potent flavor of the cucumber (both in smell and in taste!). This bottle is also super slender and easy to carry on the go while still getting my vegetable servings and curbing my hunger until I can eat a full breakfast.


Daily Greens does provide cleansing options which I love because they don’t just focus on meal replacement as other brands do. While you can do a strictly juice cleansing using the Daily Greens juices, you can also sign up for their seasonal cleanses in which they provide full meal plans and shopping lists!  If you are stuck deciding between which juice brand to use there are two things that helped sway me onto Daily Greens: 1) they are easily accessible. I can go into a Whole Foods or Target and pick up more bottles whenever I want. 2) There is no added sugar or water. As someone who watches her sugar intake because of my PCOS I get weary when I see drinks with 40-60 grams of sugar in one bottle. That’s WAY too much. Daily Greens isn’t that type of brand and that was important to my decision making. (plus its Vegan :-). With every purchase you make a portion of the sales also get donated to organizations that support women battling breast cancer.


2. Water: As I said at the beginning I also drink 64oz of water daily, and that helps with keeping the skin clear and making sure I’m not over eating out of boredom. Sometimes I just like to chew, but I don’t want to carry tons of water or other beverages with me.  I just use my reusable water bottle fill it up twice for the day and boom: 2 Liters from start to finish. I try not to drink too much water on the train so I don’t have to run off to the nearest bathrooms (subway bathrooms are terrifying). You should definitely monitor the intake of your water on a daily basis no matter what your job criteria may be.

3. Tea: I just started loving Green tea about a year ago, but my affection for it comes and goes in cycles. Right now its off, because I just don’t want to carry any other potential leaking products (my bag has been through enough these last two months). I’m thinking in time for the cold holiday season, I’ll be drinking at least 16-24 oz of Green Tea in the morning with my Daily Greens juice as well. Needless to say I’ll be making frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the day.

What drinks do you drink on your commute? Share your thoughts with us below!


Find Daily Greens at DrinkDailyGreens.com and grocers near you such as: Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, Safeway, Costco and Target.

This is sponsored content produced by me on behalf of Daily Greens. The opinions are all mine.