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We’re one month into the school year and for some teachers it is going fairly well, and for others… well not so much. Just because you are having a couple of rough patches doesn’t mean it’s too late to turn the school year around in the right direction. When looking up classroom management strategies and hacks most of the ones I see are directed for middle school, junior high, and elementary school. Unfortunately I do not teach any of those grades, and while some strategies can apply, most do not. Fortunately for you… I’ve done most of the heavy lifting, and after 9 years I’ve cultivated what I believe to be 10 easy classroom management hacks for high school that you can implement as quickly as tomorrow!

classroom management hacks for high school


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The good part about this list is if you’re a pretty decent teacher, you’re already doing some if not most of these hacks in your classroom. If you’re a fairly new teacher (within years 1-3) this list will be helpful to use as a guideline to be implemented in your class as you become more and more comfortable/seasoned in front of the classroom. And trust me, these tips/hacks/tricks (whatever you want to call them) absolutely work. Five of my nine years of teaching were in an urban title I school with a slightly more difficult population.  And I’ve certainly built a healthy/ welcome classroom as well as built strong relationships with my students (I mean give or take a few hiccups in the road– no one’s perfect folks)

Without further adieu (I’ll keep talking if you let me… so I’ll stop here) I have the 10 easiest/ simplest classroom management hacks for high school that can be implemented right away and make a true difference in your classroom (even in the most difficult of environments).

10 Easy Classroom Management Hacks For High School

millennial in debt