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In 2017… if you’re not side hustling you are doing it all wrong. (Or you could have all the monetary stability you need. Which if that is so I commend you and vote that you adopt me). Most millennials (and I mean every generation in a sense) are battling some form of financial burden. For myself and many many others (and by many… I mean millions) that financial burden is my student loans.


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Student loans are no joke, and with the total amount of student debt racking up in the billion area it is no wonder why the millennial generation is always working towards some get rich scheme, or entrepreneurship. It is not that we are lazy, truly that is not the case. It is that we are trying to make a better route for ourselves, and the regular 9-5 that our predecessors tackled on a consistently daily, just isn’t enough to pay off the enormous of debt we are swimming in.

With that I’ve cultivated and calculated the easiest (because no one really wants to do a shit ton of extra work for some extra spending money) side hustles to help pay off your student loans.

Easy Side Hustles to pay off Student Loans

8 Easy Side Hustles To Help Pay Off Student Loans

1. Sell Your Old Things: This is probably one of the easiest side hustles that I’ve seen turn into a full time money making hustle. If you are a hoarder looking to change your ways you are essentially killing two birds with one stone. You can go old school route and sell your things on Craigslist. (I just sold two camera lenses before I left for Italy on Craigslist to have some extra spending cash). There are also several variations to Craigslist now as well like Let Go, or Offer Up that have an app that allow you to post and interact with different sellers/buyers.

If you are weary about meeting up with someone in person you can use Ebay (not a huge fan of Ebay), Etsy, or Poshmark which allow you to sell online and simply mail out your things.

2. Be A Virtual Assistant: I tried being a virtual assistant last year and it was great. I made over 400.00 dollars in two weeks helping people online complete tasks for their businesses. I couldn’t continue because I had taken on so many clients that it was becoming way too strenuous as a side hustle. Plus between school and Trials N’ Tresses stuff I was spreading myself way too thin.

However being a virtual assistant is great and can be easy if you have the time for it. Heading to sites like Fiverr which is where I found my clients also makes it easy to market yourself, detail your skills as a virtual assistant, create your own prices, and keep track of your projects/clients. Best of all you get paid directly to your account and don’t have to worry about having to fight for your money.

3. Customer Service (Remotely): I’ve always hated customer service because I don’t have the patience to deal with people’s nonsense. But… in 2017 we have come a long way and now there are several companies that allow you to be a customer service rep remotely. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or waste gas/ or metro card fare getting to and from your location. I think I would be a lot more open to customer service if I were doing it from the comfort of my own home.

Tons of well known companies like Apple, Amazon, American Express and more have virtual employment opportunities where you would be responsible for providing online or over the phone assistance. A simple Google search will help bring p various remote customer service jobs you can take as a quick side hustle.

4. Online Surveys: For some this option may be better than others. Online surveys have never been a huge money maker for me because I almost never get passed the qualifying round. I guess my opinion isn’t the one that they are looking for most of the time. But I have witnessed first hand the power that online surveys can have on your pockets, and if you’ve got the time and the right matches occur you can too.

5. Tutor: This is also something you can do remotely or the old fashion way of meeting up in person. There are tons of sites out there that serve as the middle man and put you in contact with students looking for help with specific subjects. I used WyzAnt for about 2 years and loved it. They do take a percentage from your final payment but that is because they did help you make the connection. The good thing is the more you tutor and thee people you recommend to use their service, the smaller the percentage of commission gets. Wyzant also doesn’t allow cash transactions which is a good and a bad thing. Bad if you prefer the quick cash route with no taxes and waiting. Good because you don’t have to fight anyone’s mama when it comes to getting your payment. Once the tutoring session has been confirmed the payment is withdrawn from the parent’s account.

Again.. because you know me with time, I didn’t last too long tutoring. I didn’t want to give up my weekends, but for those more focused than I am obviously… the money can certainly be worth the sacrifice.

6. Save Your Receipts: I’ve mentioned these before … in previous posts but I’ll share them again… because that’s just the kind of person I am. Sites like Ebates and apps like Ibotta, Receipt Hog, and Checkout 51 give you the opportunity to get Cash Back when you upload your receipt. You get bonuses for referring friends to these apps, as well as completing challenges. The best part you’re already doing the hard part of this hustle on a daily basis. These apps take receipts from gas purchases, online shopping, supermarket visits, pet store visits. Things you are doing and places you are already going will help you earn some extra cash on the side. My favorite two are Ibotta and Receipt Hog because they help you earn money the fastest. But using all of these apps will bring you some extra coin quarterly. Specially around the holidays (most offer 2-3 times the amount of points/rebates).


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7. Referrals: Sites and brands that you already use that allow you to share your love and wealth of knowledge in exchange for coin are my favorites. You don’t have to change anything you are already doing. You just have to do a little research about whether or not what you are using has referral codes or affiliate links. For example I love Ebates and use it all of the time. They have referral links for you to share with your friends that earn both you and them some extra money.

The thing with referrals that you want to be very careful about is authenticity. Don’t refer things just for the money. I only refer brands/companies that I trust and actually use because once you start referring none sense you’ll find people are way less likely to trust you and look into anything else you refer in the future.


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8. Freelance: Essentially the options mentioned above are technically all forms of freelancing but I had to include it as its own option. Freelancing basically means selling your talents on a case by case basis. You don’t work for anyone and you are contracted for specific tasks. Once those tasks are done you part ways with the other party. Really formal way of saying you do a job, get paid for the job, and then move forward to the next paying job. Freelancing can be fun especially when you have a full time job doing something you may not necessarily love, but need health insurance. Freelancing is the best side hustle because you’re in control of what you do, how long you do it, and when/where you do it for the most part.

Finding freelance positions can be difficult, but once you do find them the money starts rolling in. Always do a good job at the freelancing opportunities you’e been given, because you never know if it can lead to he next opportunity. (Build + Protect your network). Fiverr was the most effective source for me to find freelancing opportunities as a virtual assistant, but you don’t have to start or stop there. You can use Craigslist, Google…etc. Depending on what you want to freelance in (and it honestly can be just about anything) you’ll find certain jobs are easier to find than others.

If you think you have no skill/talent or time to freelance guess again. I’e seen freelancing jobs from photography, filming, data entry, proofreading and more! It just takes the right amount of searching and fortitude.

That brings us to the end of our hustling convo! Drop in the comments below any side hustles you’e done that have helped you save some coin and throw it at Aunt Sallie Mae’s direction! millennial in debt