easy way to do seo

Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve been in the blogosphere for five minutes or more than you have most likely heard of the oh so annoying term: “Search Engine Optimization”. This means you also probably have received tons of offers to “fix your SEO” for a fee so that you can rank higher in Google searches. I’m here to tell you that for the most part, 90% of your SEO can be handled yourself without spending a fortune… and here’s how!

The Easy Way to Do SEO

SEO which stands for: Search Engine Optimization, is just a big scary term for helping Google (or other search engines) direct people to your site based off of key search words.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard about this over and over and over again. It really isn’t as complex as people make it seem and I don’t think you should pay someone to fix the SEO on your site unless you’ve completely broken it or have absolutely n0 idea how to work the back end of your site (which is not a good thing)

If you stick with me I can help you get through the basics of SEO setup! You’re going to need two things: Yoast SEO (<— that’s a plugin) and Google Webmaster Tools aka Google Search Console to get through today’s lesson.

Let’s start with Yoast SEO. I have WordPress so I’ll be walking you through the steps using the WordPress setup. I’m sure it cant be much different if you are using another platform like Blogger or Squarespace. If you haven’t downloaded Yoast SEO yet download the plugin and activate it on your site. Once you’ve activate the plugin you’ll see it pop up on the left hand side with various options for you to play around with.
Easy way to do SEO
I’ve been good with the basic version of Yoast and pretty much kept the settings the plugin came with originally. You can play around with them and see what works best for you. Something you will be really helpful for is the “Tools” option that will allow you to edit previous posts in bulk so that they can be search engine optimized even though they’ve already been posted. The meat and bones of this app is during content creation. That is where you walk through the steps of the on page content analysis check list to make sure you have done everything humanly possible to please Google!
easy way to do SEO
This is what the content check list looks like. Your main goal is to get as many green lights on the post as possible. I’ve only had ONE post ever have all green lights so don’t fret if they all aren’t green! As long as a majority of the lights are green then your post is in good shape. What you need to focus on for SEO:

  1. Meta description, title, URL should all have the focus keyword in it
  2. Your focus keyword should be specific but searchable (only one key word)
  3. Use your key word in the beginning of your post (first paragraph) and in an H2 title (main big font title)
  4. Use ALT tags for your photos and make sure the ALT tags include the focus keyword
  5. Make sure your post is at least 300 or more words

Following these practices for each post may seem tedious but it will help in the long and short run for google ranking, index-ability and obtaining a bigger audience.

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Webmaster Tools aka Search Console: Simply put is a free Google web service that allows you to check your index-ability and optimize your visibility further. It can be a bit intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll be happy you did. There are two important factors when using Google Search Console that you want to get settled right away:

  1. Verify Your Site: This may be a bit tricky if you don’t know/understand the coding on the backend of your site, but there are several options to make it easier for you.
    • Click Add a new site once you’ve registered with Search console and click “verify this property”. There you will get a few options on how to do so:easy way to do SEO

The easiest method for me was a meta tag but you can use the Google Analytics tracking code or YOAST SEO also helps to verify your site too.
       2. Upload Your Sitemap: Once you’ve verified your site use the Yoast SEO plugin to create your site map (super simple it does it for you) and upload the link if the site map to your Search Console.

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easy way to do SEO