I know I’ve been promising for quite some time to bring you 5 more easy ways to get free stuff since I compiled the first list for you a while ago.  This list as well as the original list are sites that I use or have used in the past to get free samples and full size products that don’t necessarily require you to be a full time professional blogger. All they really require is that you have an email address, a mailing address and an opinion. Thats it! (and some of them even pay you !)

5 More Easy Ways To Get Free Stuff

1. Famebit So I’ve been falling more and more in love with Famebit since I found out about them a few months ago. Famebit is for people who are on Youtube or thinking about getting into the Youtube business. Famebit brings you face to face with different brands that you may want to work with. You get pitch the brands that you want to work with, and you dont have to have a million subscribers to get selected, get products, and get paid! I highly recommend that if you are a Youtuber, or thinking about becoming a Youtuber and want to dive into getting some free stuff and coinage that you sign up for Famebit ASAP!

2. SheSpeaks: I just signed up for She Speaks not too long ago so I can’t verify how quick you get products sent to you but it is definitely easy to sign up and get started. What is best at about SheSpeaks is you DO NOT have to be a blogger in the slightest bit. If you are they do make you sign up and take an extra step, and if you aren’t its no biggie! They not only have products available to be reviewed but they also have opportunities for you to enter giveaways and review products you’ve already and in your home. The more you review the more chance you have to get even more new products sent your way.

3. GlamSpotters: GlamSpotters similarly to SheSpeaks does not require you to be a blogger but you must have an opinion. Glam Spotters focuses more on beauty products like nail polish, make up and hair care products. So if you are into that kind of thing (which we all are!!) this is going to be the best site for you!

4. SwaggableSwaggable is also new to me but so much fun. You take a few surveys so that they can get a feel for what you like and what you are interested in. They then connect you with samples that align with your answers. Once you get the products you post reviews on their site and thats that.

5. Vogue Insiders: Vogue Insiders is new to me, but I’ve heard good things. This is for the fashionista in all of you who want to give Vogue your opinion on loads of different things related to Vogue. Sounds pretty fancy and awesome to me! Best thing… no previous blogging or reviewing experience is required whatsoever.

Hope this list helps and of course I will continue to keep a look out on ways for you to make extra money or at the very least get loads of free cool stuff for you to try and review.

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disclaimer:*links may contain affiliate links that do not alter or hinder my personal opinion on each service*