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Even though I’ve paid off my student loans, I still very much know the struggle of fighting to pay off debt. Besides, as a new home owner with a fully stocked mortgage, I am definitely still in the daily debt discussion!


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If you’ve been paying off debt for a while you have probably run into the stark moment when you realize that your balance hasn’t been decreasing. It is one of the worst realizations and also the one you need to kick your butt into gear to attack your debt in the best way possible. 

The problem with wanting to attack your debt in the best way possible, is you may not realize the things you’re doing that are keeping you from making the progress you want. These common mistakes happen way more often than we realize and can really set us back in our debt free journey. Though every person is different, I’m highlighting the five most common mistakes people often make. This way I’m helping you (and myself) avoid these pitfalls and kick your debts ass! 

common mistakes you're making while paying off debt

Five Common Mistakes You’re Making While Paying Off Debt

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