Black Female Business Owner CEO Spotlight

Niya & Raven Of Free Edge Beauty Studio

free edge beauty studio

1. Where did you grow up? 

Brooklyn, Ny

2. What do you want to make sure your audience knows about you and your brand? 

We would like our audience to know that the business and Brand is coming from a place of experience. Raven has been in the beauty industry for 10+ years professionally. Our goal is to allow our clients to always feel beautiful, free and comfortable when they visit us.

3. What made you decide to begin?

Learning how other businesses operated and working closely with clients allowed us to understand the client better. We want to be able to provide our clients with what they wanted without the boundaries.

4. What is the motto of your brand? 

Free to be who you are destined to be

5. Brief background/ synopsis of your brand ? 

To break down the name it all starts with 1st learning what the “free edge” is on the nail. The free edge of the nail is the part of the nail that goes past the skin. The words free edge just resonated. We loved the idea of the name of the salon intertwining with an actual part of the nail. It also sounds edgy, literally. We didn’t want to call it a nail salon because we focus on more than just nails. Lastly, “studio” came about because we want it to be an intimate space where every woman can come and have their beauty needs catered to. It also derives from the idea of being “on-set” at a studio. Models, actresses etc arrive on-set at a studio a blank canvas and leave as a totally different person. We want to provide that for our clients. Not only leaving our studio looking beautiful but also feeling beautiful. This is what our brand is about.

free edge beauty studio

6. What is the most rewarding part of your career? / least rewarding? 

The most rewarding part of this career is meeting wonderful people. Also, being able to exercise our different talents/professions.  The least rewarding part of this career is not until recently, being a nail tech wasn’t exactly a respectable profession.


free edge beauty studio

7. If you weren’t in your field what would you be doing ?

Raven-If I wasn’t in this field I would be teaching. I minored in education in college.

Niya- I would’ve probably been teaching as well. My mother and older sister are in the education field.

8. What is going to be your legacy? 

The legacy will be, to be able to impact the beauty world in a way that salons will want to mirror our ethics for years to comes.



9. What projects do you have coming up? What should we be on the look out for?

We’re currently in the process of trying to expand. We want to move into a space that better reflects our brand. You can definitely lookout for that.





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