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Summer is my favorite season for many many reasons. The weather is much more palatable, I’m a teacher so I essentially get that entire season off, and I get to wear cute clothes. The first official day of summer is tomorrow so Happy Summer solstice. And in honor of the longest day of the year and my favorite season, I’ve curated a list of free things to do during summer so your pocket can take a break as you relax too.

Ninety nine percent of this lists free, and the other 1 percent require very little money/ donation of your choosing. I do apologize in advance because many (not all though) of this list is tailored to the free stuff I can do in New York. But you can look up if your town/city also offers something similar to what I’ve listed for free during the summer season.


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Free Things To Do During Summer

20 Free Things To Do During Summer

1. Movies In The Park: I am a fan of seeing a movie in the park and New York has a pretty great lineup for summer 2018. It takes noting but a quick google to find out if your city also hosts free movies in the park during the summer .

2. Street Fair: Street Fairs just like block parties are you usually free to enter, The only time they will cost you money for the most part is if you want to eat or pick up an art piece. Most activities are also free. New York city has an awesome street fair in August where they close down 7 blocks of busy Manhattan streets and make it a pedestrian paradise with water slides and free rock climbing.

3. Yoga In The Park: Again.. (sorry) New York has a lineup for free Yoga in the park during the summer. The largest/ most popular gathering is obviously at Bryant Park but there are also dates scheduled for different state parks around the five boroughs.

4. Free Museum Days: Check the schedule/ calendar of the museum you want to visit. Chances are they will have a weekly free day where you can come and visit and donate what you see fit. Brooklyn Museum is free on Wednesdays and the Museum of the Moving Image is free on Friday afternoons. A little planning can get you into a ton of museums for free this summer.

5. Take In the views: Head up to the top of your city to get some views that you’ve never seen or taken the time to appreciate. The High Line in NYC is a great place to go for free to take in the views of the NYC skyline. You can also grab a slice of pizza from Artichoke pizza once you’ve worked up an appetite from all of that walking.

6. Visit The Zoo: Just like the museums, zoos also offer free days where you can come and donate what you can. The Bronx Zoo in NYC is also free on Wednesdays.

7. Visit Aquariums: I’m not a huge fan of zoos but I love Aquariums (yes… I know they’re essentially the same thing). Fire up your computer and google those free dates!

8. Hiking: Some hiking terrains do charge you to hike, those are the ones I usually avoid going to often. Find yourself a decent free hiking area and take your friends, your boo, your dog, or even just your self to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. This can also double up as a way to see the views of your city/ state that you’ve never appreciated before.

9. Park Visit / Jog: I prefer to be outdoors during the summer as much as possible, so I take my workouts outdoors. Take a nice jog or stroll through your nearest city park.

10. Swimming: Community pools aren’t what they used to be… and thank god for that. Head to a community swimming pool in your area to cool down. It’s probably best to go early morning or late to avoid the mad rush of kids being kids everywhere.

11. Library visit/ date : I love a good library visit/ date and before all of the local Barnes and Nobles spots closed down that used to be my favorite hiding place from the world. If you don’t have a library close by or want a different option you can also head to a book store (if you’re lucky to still have those around you) and have the same experience. There is nothing like being surrounded by books.

12. Game night: Plan a game night with your friends that won’t cost you a cent. Have everyone bring their favorite board game and have at it for hours to come.

13. Read a book: I know that sounds like some advice your mama would give you, but I love reading so I’m passing it on to you. I try to read 6-7 books during the summer especially when I am at the beach or on a plane. It’s relaxing and takes you to another place without having to leave your seat.

14. Go to the beach: I wanted to make this number one… but I didn’t want to be too thirsty. The beach is one of my absolute favorite places to be/ to go. If I could I would live at the beach all summer and this summer I plan to come as close to that as possible.

15. Watch a movie at home: If you have Netflix or Hulu use it to queue up a flick from the comfort of your own home.

16. Try a new recipe: Use Youtube and Pinterest to their full potential by looking up something you can make that you’ve never made before but always wanted to try. The real trick is to try and make something with things you already have at home instead of having to go out and buy.

17. Watch the sunrise/sunset: Yes… because I’m a hopeless romantic like that. Find a great place (I’m not sharing mine so ya’ll don’t steal/overcrowd it) to watch the sunrise or sunset with your loved ones.

18. Have a picnic: Gather up a blanket and some snacks and head to your nearest park for a picnic. Not only is it cute/romantic, it’s a fiscally affordable date and provides great opportunity for conversation.

19. First Saturdays: This is specifically for my New Yorkers (sorry guys) but Target and Brooklyn museum have “First Saturdays” every first Saturday of he month. It’s free and it’s a party after hours at a museum… how dope is that.

20. Ice Cream Date : As someone who’s first favorite food is pizza, and second favorite food is ice cream, there’s no surprise that an ice cream date would be on the list. Thought it isn’t free grabbing ice cream and heading out to a scenic walk, view is my type of date and your wallet won’t be too hurt by it either.

What are some other free activities you get into during the summer? Share em with me so I can steal em too!