I’m sure by now we’ve seen all the Instagram baddies sharing their workouts online and making us feel less than adequate. Beyond just how in shape they look, for the most part they are working out in state of the art gyms across the country or using some expensive gym equipment. Very few showcase at home or out door workouts you can do without having a ton of equipment.


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Take it from someone who is on a strict budget, and also has a gym membership there are other creative ways and things you can do when it comes to getting in shape on a budget. Therefore money no longer has to be an excuse to stay unfit and unhealthy. And like I’ve been told many many times, excuses are simply tools of the incompetent. So let’s get into it.

get in shape on a budget

How To Get In Shape On A Budget

1. Plan Ahead: This goes for two things 1) you are going to have to meal plan. I meal plan my breakfasts and lunches during the school year to create less of an opportunity for me to grab a bagel during my commute, I meal plan every Sunday (sometimes Friday night) for the upcoming week. I don’t always make the same thing for all five days to avoid getting bored with having the same thing consistently. The second reason it’s good to plan ahead is for those “impromptu” outings you have with your friends that usually wreck your healthy eating. Ask your friends where you’re heading to so you can scope out the menu and see what is your healthiest and most affordable choice. In doing this I often find that I am able to steer clear of unhealthy foods and sometimes steer my friends to another restaurant/ or pot luck if I don’t find anything I like on the menu.

2. Make Things Simple: Something that is really important to remember when trying to get in shape especially on a budget, do not overcomplicate the process. Don’t make things from Pinterest that have 18 different ingredients because you know that’s going to be expensive and time consuming. Take it easy on your self when it comes to meal planning, working out and other health related decisions.

3. Have An Accountability Partner: Especially when you’re first starting out and this hasn’t become second nature/ or a habit for you just yet it is a good idea to have an accountability partner that not only motivates you to complete your workouts, but also helps you stay on track with avoiding expensive health pitfalls.

4. Free Physical Workouts: New York has tons of free workout opportunities specifically during the summer. Head over to a free yoga class, go for a run outside, or head to your nearest park for a workout. Working out does not have to strictly have to be inside or in a gym. Take the opportunity especially during this great weather we’ve been having and head outside or some fresh air to get the blood pumping.

5. Take the stairs: My students ind it so remarkable that instead of taking the elevator with the other teachers I choose to take the stairs with them, My classroom is on the fourth floor, so everyday I do a brisk walk up four flights of stairs and continue to do so through out the day. It makes me feel like I’m saving energy and burning calories at the same time therefore I’m going green and getting healthy simultaneously.

6. No Takeout: This is always my advice whenever anyone is trying to lose weight, get fit, or save money. Takeout is expensive and when you have it everyday you are going to see a huge dent in your bank account that you were not prepared for. Uber eats is not the route. Cooking is the best way to know exactly what is going in to your food and you can control how much each meal costs you as well.

7. Workout Apps: Use your smartphone and download a few workout apps. They will provide you free workouts that you can do to fit your lifestyle.

8. Use the internet : Back in the day we used to watch workout tapes and DVDs. Now we have the internet and can head to Youtube for just about everything. Head to Youtube and find some workouts that you enjoy and can do indoors incase the weather outside isn’t conducive to outdoor workouts.

What methods have you used to get your self into shape that fit into a budget? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.