Halle Berry is still battling with her ex in court and now it is getting beyond ugly. What happened? She came home to find that her daughter ‘s beautiful head of curly hair had been straightened and dyed another color. She took to the courts with this following statement:

I continue to worry about the potential psychological and physical damage to Nahla that can be caused by the use of chemical hair treatments and the psychological message that it conveys to Nahla, and to implore the court to put a stop to Gabriel’s attempts to alter our daughter’s appearance and most probably cause her to wonder why her natural appearance is not good enough.

To respond the court made it a requirement that neither parents do anything to their daughter’s hair. Can you believe this mess? It gets even crazier not only did she see her daughter’s hair completely changed when she arrived home from her visit with her father, her father completely denied that he had done anything to her hair besides allow her to swim in a pool. Halle took it upon her self to get the hair tested in a lab and was proven correct that the hair was indeed colored and the texture had been straightened. Insane!

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