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Happy Holiday season folks! With only one more weekend left in the holiday shopping season, it’s only right that I drop some knowledge on you right quick about the holiday shopping secrets Santa and retailers don’t want you to know. 


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Holiday Shopping Secrets Santa Doesn’t Want You To Know

1. Boxing Day:

Every year we see this little calendar notification on our iPhones when December 26th rolls around: BOXING DAY. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants and the day when they received a ‘Christmas Box’ from the master. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families

Now let me bring you in on another little secret in regards to this interesting ‘holiday’. Boxing Day is also the day you can expect deep deep discounts on tons of things in store and online. Sometimes (most of the time) even larger discounts than those offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Some stores (coughs ahem: LUSH) only offer sales/discounts on this particular day and skip out on the traditional holiday sale frenzy overall. 

You can expect retailers to attempt to make room for new inventory coming in January as well as finish off the fourth financial quarter strong. Keep an eye out on the deals your fave retailer may be offering during the Boxing Day sales (and this is why I don’t mind giving/ buying my Christmas presents a little late so I can catch the best deals).

2. Shop closer to Christmas Day

Though this may be a bit difficult to gauge when it comes to delivery purposes, shopping closer to Christmas Day will give you a better opportunity to maximize on sales and discounts at your fave retailers. After the madness of Black Friday, and the chaos of Cyber Monday, most retailers will regroup and see what has and hasn’t sold.

Then that’s when the tables turn in your favor. Items that were on “sale” during Black Friday will find themselves going an in even larger sale to make sure the inventory is fiscally appealing and purchased during the holiday season. 

3. Watch the prices

You can do this manually of course but in 2019, soon to be 2020 the real question is: “why would you?” You can use apps such as Paribus to track the prices of items that you have purchased. If there is a price drop on that particular item, Paribus will alert you so that you can contact the retailer and get the difference in price reimbursed to you. This has been one of my favorite things to do/ catch in 2019 because it not only saves me money, but it saves me time. 

So if you do so happen to make a purchase (that is any time not just the holiday season) and the price drops, you can successfully ask for the difference from many (most not all retailers will honor your request) different retailers that you frequent. 

4. Price Match

Similarly to watching the prices, many retailers will price match their online prices to their in store prices. For example a pair of sneakers I wanted to purchase was on sale for 79.99 online from Footlocker, and in store the sneakers were on sale for 99.99. I brought up the price online and the store honored that price instead of charging me the 20.00 dollars extra. 

Don’t be afraid to whip out your smart device and get the best deal/price available, because ain’t no shame in my game when it comes to saving coin.

5. Store Coupons and Cash

Last and certainly not least, many times during the holiday season, stores like Macys or Old Navy will give “store cash” if you purchase for a certain amount. That store cash often has its limits and deadlines, but don’t let that deter you. Most of these coupons and store cash credits are given as a “reward” or “gift” for shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The stores then assume that you’re shopping is complete for the most part and will only have the coupons and store cash useable during the month of December. 

Save some of your shopping for later in the season (see tip #2) and capitalize on these coupons and store cash that can usually be used on top of the deals/ sales that are already going on. 

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