Social media is changing every day sometimes for the better, and other times not so much. As a blogger all these changes can be really scary and annoying. Trying to grow your brand and social media presence is a full time job in itself which is why I’m breaking down the latest major trend in social media. Loop giveaways are definitely not new. Trials N’ Tresses has hosted two loop giveaways in the past two years and they are very effective in increasing your social media presence and audience.  What I love about them, besides being extremely simple is that it also helps you with collaboration. (Remember that was one of my most important tips that helped TNT reach one million page views)

So I’ve been talking about how great Loop giveaways are I now want to share how to successfully host one the right way. There is no worse feeling than wasting your time so there is a right way and a wrong way to host a loop giveaway. We won’t even focus on the wrong way! Here’s what you need to know about doing it the right way!

Blogger Tip Thursday: How To Host A Loop Giveaway

1. Choose Your collaborators appropriately: It can be very tempting to choose your best blogger friends, or go after bloggers who have really large social media numbers but trust me that won’t be beneficial to you in the long run. You want to choose bloggers who are in a similar niche as you, and have a similar follower count as you (to be fair). This way when the loop giveaway is over you won’t have a huge exodus of followers on your page that only followed to try and win the giveaway. Sure after the giveaway is over, there will be some followers who choose to unfollow, but if you choose your collaborators wisely some of the new followers than you gain will be interested in your content and choose to stick around.

2. Create a killer visual simple graphic: The best Loop Giveaway graphics on Instagram that I have seen be the most successful are always stunningly clean/ simple yet effective at delivering the right amount of information. You want to make sure your visual is appealing to catch your audience’s attention without being to cluttered and muttled. The image below was from our last loop giveaway around the holiday season.

host a loop giveaway

3. Be extremely organized: A loop giveaway requires tons of planning and organization before the actual giveaway starts because it has to be executed a very particular way. You are going to want to create a list of where everyone falls in the loop so that everyone knows who they are supposed to tag. If the loop gets broken then it defeats the purpose of the Loop Giveaway. You also want to make sure that everyone posts at the same time (again so the loop isn’t broken) which can be tricky especially if people are on different time zones. Most importantly you want to take down everyone’s phone number. Why? Because the first loop giveaway we did, one of the collaborators forgot to post at the agreed upon time and we had no way of contacting them outside of their email address. Big Mistake that we learned from quickly. Organization is key to running a successful loop giveaway so pick a very organized key contact person from the beginning.

4. Pick A Great Prize: Your loop giveaway is only as good as your prize. Most loops consist of 6-10 people who put money into a pot to get a specific large prize. The bigger/better the prize the more people that will actively want to win. So choose something you know your audience is really lusting for and offer them that. Sometimes it can be just as easy as offering a gift card.

5. Remove the Loop: Here’s something to remember as soon as you finish the loop giveaway. After you have announced the winner, remove the loop tags off of your page and have the collaborators do the same. Often times people will follow the loop all the way through in order to unfollow everyone. By removing the loop you make it a bit harder for them to do that.

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