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FTC: This post is not sponsored and I am not a financial advisor. Just one millennial giving some advice to another!

I’ve been getting quite a few questions on Instagram asking me about credit scores, creditors, and how to get out of collections. So instead of answering everyone one by one, I decided to spread the knowledge more publicly so that everyone can benefit from it.


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Honestly the greatest thing keeping most people from financial freedom is financial literacy. Without the knowledge, you’ll never grab the keys to building up your finances the way you see fit. So in the video below, I break credit ALL the way down. Everything from how it is calculated, what negatively and positively affects your credit score and more.

Though I must admit that I had to be very brief and concise in order to keep the video under 10 minutes, I dive even further to all things financial literacy in the Millennial In Debt E-book: Building Financial Freedom. The e-book contains over 50 pages revolving around all of your questions. You asked and I provided. There’s tons of financial advice, information, and printables on various topics. Check out the table of contents below + grab your own copy now! building financial freedom


How To Get An 840 Credit Score

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