Its a new week so it is time for a new tip. This week we’re tackling the beast that is social media. Now while social media can be fun, and exciting it can also be daunting when you are trying to start up a new blog or business. There are so many options to choose from, and managing all of them at one time is not only scary it is almost impossible to do well. That is why this is going to be a broad general post (I’ll get into more specifics later… just like I did in the Pinterest post) on how to handle social media specifically for what you are trying to accomplish for your blog, business or brand.

Blogger Tip Thursday: How To Handle Social Media Like A Pro

Pick Your Poison: I had to learn this early in the game, or face a really quick burn out. You can’t do everything at once and expect to excel at it all. Though there are several scheduling apps and plugins that make it seem like you can do it all… take my advice. Pick one maybe two social media platforms to focus primarily on building a large engaged audience. With Trials N’ Tresses we did what we knew best, we focused on the visual aspect of our niche and went with Instagram as our social media platform of choice. We then started to dabble in Tumblr, while updating Facebook/Twitter less frequently. Because of this our Instagram and Tumblr are our fastest growing and largest social media platforms with the most engagement by far. As we start to turn our sites on Pinterest we use our scheduling plugins to keep our Twitter/Facebook active with fresh or archived info, but we know where our bread and butter really is! The visual works for us. Find out what works for you and run with it!

Know Your Niche: As we stated briefly in the previous paragraph, we knew visual worked best for our niche. Women wanted to see the hair styles, tutorials and DIY recipes right infant of their face. Words didn’t do as much or go as fair with our audience in our niche. When you’ve discovered what your niche is, figure out what the audience in that niche wants to see, hear or do. Then you will know what they specifically want to see from you on your social media platforms. If you are doing fitness, your audience will not respond well to DIY methods of clothes making. If your niche is beauty/makeup your audience will not engage or interact to coupon codes for baby clothes and accessories. Stay in your lane and transition gradually when necessary, but in the beginning especially it is important to provide information on your social media that your audience expects and wants to see.

Engage/Promote: One thing that Trials N’ Tresses prides themselves in is remaining humble and keeping the hustle at the forefront of our minds. No matter how “big” you get in your social media realm, remember how important it is to engage with your audience and other brands/bloggers in your niche. Keep it interesting, and fresh so they don’t become bored and look elsewhere. You have to promote yourself, your brand and engage with new followers, old followers ALL followers. You should never  get too big to answer questions , ask questions and be a genuine human through the screen.

Consistency: Being consistent is a must! If you post inspirational quotes in the morning, post them consistently in the morning so your audience knows they can come to your social media platform on this day or time  to find what they are looking for. Sporadic random posts will make it difficult to keep your audience engaged. They may find you, or read one or two things but if they cant keep coming back to you then they won’t subscribe or follow.

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Adapt: This can be extremely difficult if you have become accustomed to handling your social media platforms in a particular manner. But social media is not owned by us, there is a higher power usually out to make money so, adapting is important. There are going to be things that change and you will have to roll with the punches to keep expanding your brand, and increase your following. Two years ago getting Instagram and Facebook to oblige was much easier. Now its a special type of hashtagging, sharing, and promoting financially to get your posts seen by the masses. Don’t give up just because what you’ve been doing is no longer working, do some research and find a way to kick some social media butt!

If you found these tips useful don’t be afraid to share them with someone else who may find them useful too!

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