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Okay… so before we go any further I want to be very clear so you don’t start reading this and feel lost or that you’ve wasted your time. This post is strictly if you have an Amazon affiliate account or you’re looking to start an Amazon influencer account. It is free to sign up and get an account, but it is most beneficial for you to do so if you have a blog, site or brand.


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Can you make money with out any of those? Yes you surely can, but it may be a bit harder/trickier for you. However, money is money and if you came to increase your income in any way shape or form then you came to the right place. This post is going to go over the few changes that we’ve made to start seeing some return on our Amazon affiliate sales.

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6 Easy Ways To Make Money On Amazon

Don’t get caught up on the number… these tips and tricks can help take you well over 100.00 dollars. As I’m writing these tips up for you now, we’ve currently already made 150.00 this month after just two months of changing up our methods. So while 100.00 may be your starting point… the opportunities are limitless.

1. Create An Amazon Store:

[2019 update: Amazon no longer has stores for their affiliates. You now have to be an Amazon influencer to have a storefront. The rest of the process listed below is the same except for that new change. The application process is simple and they respond with approval or denial in about 3-5 days.]

This was our first method of creating any type of Amazon affiliate money. It wasn’t anything crazy but it was certainly a start. It is easy to get the store started, and doesn’t cost you a thing. You don’t pay for shipping, you don’t have to worry about keeping products in stock. So overall it’s a win win! You stock your store with products that you actually use or you connect with and promote. We created a few categories in our store that related to our every day lives, from book recommendations, blogging resources, and Vegan life. There are people who make tons and tons of money using their Amazon store by simply shopping on Amazon (like we all do anyway) and promoting what they are using/wearing on social media. These conversions work best because it is natural and helpful, so your audience will trust your recommendations.

2. Use Affiliate links in your content: This again I stress must be done naturally. The best way to make money on Amazon is really to organically include/involve it in your brand/blogging life. When writing a product review, or blogging about things you are using/ interested in using link it back to a related product on Amazon that fits. Product review posts help make the largest conversion. So if you know you have a post or your curating a post that will include several affiliate links, make sure to promote it heavily and let the magic of conversions start to work. You can also include pictures of the products and link them back with an affiliate link. A “buy now” button may help with conversions as well. We simply use the link back as our method of conversion. 

3. Be Genuine and authentic: Only recommend things that you stand behind. Do not just grab affiliate links for high priced items because you think they will convert higher commission. Even though that may be the case, it can definitely come off as scammy and dishonest. If you are recommending something that you’ve never tried, you should have a very valid reason and state that upfront. For example with certain product reviews, if I feel there is another product that may be comparable I will mention it in the post and place an affiliate link. This is usually done if the ingredients are similar with a lower price point. I always state this in my writing so my audience knows that I haven’t tried the second product but it may work for them.

4. Always be upfront: It is important when you are placing affiliate links in your content or on your social media that you are upfront about it. Not only is it an FTC requirement but it is a good practice that your audience will be thankful for. Being honest in the blogging business is more important than making any amount of money. It translates to your audience better and this way they feel more comfortable purchasing things you recommend because of that level of honesty and trust you have built with them.

5. Use your mailing list: If you haven’t built a mailing list yet… well that is the first problem. But don’t worry it’s not too late to build one. (Here are 5 tricks to help you build a crazy mailing list! ) After you’ve gotten your mailing list in order, you are going to want to casually drop some links or your store into their inbox. This way they have it directly with them when they are in need of something you have to offer. We place the link to our Amazon store in our welcome email when people sign up to our mailing list. We also place the link on the main page of our website. Placing the links in more places gets more eyes and dollars spent on Amazon.

6. Share your links everywhere: This final step encompasses all of the 5 previously mentioned steps. You want to have your Amazon store on your business cards, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account. How you choose to do so/set it up is up to you but there are a few things you need to be careful of. When you are sharing affiliate information on Facebook for example you can no longer place direct links on your page unless you are a verified page. However you can link to a post of yours that contains affiliate links. On all other social media you are less restricted with how you can share them. When you purchase something on Amazon, share the purchase with your readers. Take pictures and captivate your audience. This will compel them to venture onto your Amazon store and make a pouches themselves.

Hopefully these few quick steps/tips will help you get over the hump of making your first 100 a month on Amazon. Once you’ve gotten over that… the sky is the limit. You can tweak the steps and process to get you to your next hundred with ease.

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  1. Great info! I have an affiliate account with Amazon , but I didn’t know that having a store was an option, too. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    P.S. I loved your blogger’s bootcamp! It really helped me get started with my website!