Guess who’s going to Italy this summer? This girl right here!! And I could not be more excited. Travel isn’t always cheap… but you can do everything in your power to make it as fiscally affordable as possible. Here’s how to plan for a trip to Italy on a budget (I’m over my budget… but I’ve learned how to do it right for the next time).

How To Plan A Trip To Italy On A Budget

1. Download Apps: You need to check when the best time is to fly out to Italy. Lately I’ve been seeing some great deals to Rome and Milan. You know how I see them? I have 4 different alerts that tell me about flight glitches and flight deals. If you aren’t using Google flights, Google Matrix, The Flight Deal, Secret Flying, or Hopper you are playing yourself. You may not need to use all of them (I sure do) but you should be at least using one of them. In doing so you make sure that you get the best possible flight price to get your vacation started.

2. Use Your Reward Points Wisely: If you didn’t listen to my advice the last few travel posts then… I’m going to say it for you one more time. Airfare is 9/10 going to be the most expensive part of your trip. Followed by your housing. Your rewards points can help you cut the cost for both. Using sites like Expedia, or rewards cards like Capital One’s Venture will definitely keep more coin in your wallet.

3. Choose your housing wisely: Air BNB has really helped keep costs down for many international travel adventures. Before you book a hotel, compare prices for the dates and see if an Air BNB would be more fiscally responsible. You don’t need to stay in the heart of the city to have a good time. I’ll admit I really do enjoy staying in the center of the city… but it is expensive habit that can be cut in order to cut costs.


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4. Book In Advance/ Travel Off Season: Booking international travel last minute is never a good idea unless you catch an amazing flight deal or fair glitch. In all other occasions you want to book your travel in advance. Besides booking 6-9 months in advance, consider attending Italy on its off season. Summer is usually not the off season for any where (which sucks as a teacher). For the cheapest prices in air fare and hotel to Italy you want to look into going late fall, winter, and early spring. If you can finagle travel around that time you are looking at the best prices in the travel season.

5. Stay outside of the city: Public transportation in Italy is pretty easy to manage and use. If you don’t want to stay in the heart of the city because the costs are ridiculous and you don’t want to spend a fortune on Ubers, I suggest taking public transportation and or bike. Simply choosing to stay about 20 minutes out of the city can save you hundreds of dollars and you can still head into the city with ease. Pull up Google Maps and read reviews on hotels or Air BNBs that you are looking into. See what others say about the travel difficulty into the city as you compare prices. If you don’t mind taking public transpiration and a bit of daily commute back and forth, you can save yourself some coin while still enjoying the culture.

I can’t wait to travel to Italy this summer and I’ll be sharing just about every moment of it too! Be sure you are following us on Instagram and Snapchat to keep up with our stories and fun times on our TNT Travel excursions this summer! Where’s your next vacation taking you? Share your travel plans with us in the comments below!