Lets all just admit first and foremost that makeup is fun… it can be really fun! It doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful already… thats jus the opposite. Makeup enhances the beauty we already have. But… as fun as it can be, makeup can also be an extremely expensive hobby. IF you aren’t lucky enough to be a huge makeup blogger and get tons of stuff for free, you’re a regular old civilian like the rest of us just trying to get our tinted moisturizer for the low low! It can be hard trying to keep up with the latest changing beauty routines that the celebs are wearing, or even our favorite bloggers. That is why ladies I’ve decided to bring my frugality to the forefront. I like a nice expensive brand just like the next person… however, I’m certainly all about saving the mighty coin. So instead of focusing on imitating what celebs and bloggers are buying, we’re focusing today on how to slay your makeup on a budget. That is by far a true talent and gift!

How To Slay Your Makeup On A Budget

1. Do your make up your self: First things first… you have to learn to do your makeup yourself. Getting your makeup done professionally can be fun and make you feel like a million bucks… but it can also cost you an arm and a leg. I’m all for professionals charging an adequate fee for their services but as with everything, it is to be done on occasion. Getting your makeup done for a date is absolutely absurd, especially when there are tons of Youtube videos that show you how to get that perfect winged look (which I still have not attempted nor will I ever attempt to master). Take it from me, a few hours on Youtube perfecting  your fave looks will go a long way and make your dollar go an even longer way.

2. Read Reviews: Don’t automatically jump on to the bandwagon for a miracle product with out first doing your research. Really look into whether or not this product is going to work well for you in your beauty regimen. Most importantly especially for my beautiful melanin sisters, check to see how the product does with your complexion. I can’t even begin to tell you how many “Nude” lipsticks I’ve been duped into trying because of images I’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest. Take it from me… there is nothing like a quick search + “darker skin” added to it to see what pops up.

3. Use Beauty Dupes: This is my all time favorite tip because it is the one I follow wholeheartedly. Makeup brands can get absurdly expensive. I mean hundreds of dollars for little tubes of lipstick or mascara. I’m sure there are perks to buying the higher priced item, however in 2016 on this teacher salary I cant afford to spend 100 dollars on my lips. Looking up dupes for your  favorite shades will change your life. I cant tell you how many times I’ve gotten Mac dupes in the lipstick and blush department that have been spot on with the real thing. Do your self a favor, get a Pinterest and type in “Makeup Dupes” Automatic game changer!

4. Head To Budget Friendly Stores: If you want to find budget friendly makeup you need to go to budget friendly stores. Yes places like Bloomingdales, Macys and Nordstrom do have sales from time to time but most of the time I find that that makeup brands I’m looking for are excluded from the sales.  Head to budget friendly stores such as Walmart or Target and go to the beauty section. A lot of times I am pleasantly surprised by what they have in stock, and even more surprised when I can use a coupon on top of the sale price! It’s not cheap… its called being frugal!

makeup on a budget

And there you have it… 4 quick easy ways to slay your makeup while still staying within your budget. If you found this helpful share with a friend don’t be shy! You can also follow our dedicated Makeup Board on Pinterest for more tips, tricks and inspiration!