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During these uncertain times it is understandable why you may be a bit weary when thinking about trying to invest during a recession. If done correctly and taking the best precautions for your money the best time to invest during a recession would be now! If you’re unsure on where to start when it comes to investing I’ve got you covered here {Four Easy Investing Apps For Beginners) . 

With everything when it comes to money and uncertain times, we are weary because no one wants to lose money! But with the stock market in such a volatile state, now is the perfect time to catch some of the stocks you have been eyeing while they are on “sale”. (Best Stocks To Buy Now And During A Recession}. 


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How To Prepare For A Recession

invest during a recession

How To Invest During A Recession 

Before you jump into the video you want to be sure you speak to a financial advisor, especially if you have more questions that my video below does not touch on or answer. Besides speaking to a financial advisor you also want to take the time to create a watch list and research teh stocks you are looking into buying. Always do research and don’t simply let fear guide your investing decisions. 

Once you’ve created your watch list be sure to look into the history of the company before giving them any of your coin. Better to spend time than to lose money! 

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