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Social media has become a major part of our lives in the last ten years, and since then people have been able to monetize just about every single social media platform in existence. Most people when they think about how to make money on social media often feel defeated as though they have to be an influencer, content creator, or have tons of followers to start making some steady cash flow.

The fact of the matter is that yes the three above mentioned stipulations do help with making money on social media but they are not the only exclusive way to do so. The different ways to make money on social media that I share in detail with you below, have a level of variation for everyone on the spectrum of social media utilization. 

From the aspiring social media influencer, to the micro influencer, and just simply people looking for a good side hustle to maintain, the list below has something for everyone. I personally use 2 out of the 5 methods mentioned for myself as well as for my brand.


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make money on social media

How To Make Money On Social Media

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