millennial in debt

The other day I took a poll on Instagram asking if anyone wanted me to put together a quick simple straight to the point money saving challenge for the summer. The response was a huge resounding:

And since I aim to please I had to whip up something quick. easy, yet kinda sorta fun for you to get your money right. I hate money challenges that are too complicated, or challenges that take forever to see any type of financial reward. I like to see my money stack really quickly as a type of motivation for me to keep going. If you are anything like me, then this challenge was designed with those things in mind. It is simple, lasts only 8 weeks, and you will start to see your money add up quickly. Over all the challenge is 62 days (8 weeks/ 2 months/ 31 days each month… for those that want specifics.

millennial money saving challenge

Millennial Money Saving Challenge

Instead of me babbling about the perks of this challenge and what you have to do… I’ll just break it down for you simply because simple is better than complex. Especially when it comes to money.

When does the challenge start: We’ll be actively running the challenge on our Instagram and mailing list from June 21st to August 21st. You can expect an initiation email from me on June 14th with the details of the saving challenge so you can prepare in time to start on June 21st.

How long does the challenge last: 8 weeks (2 months/ 62 days)

Where can I sign up: You can sign up here to participate. It’s completely free, and you can/should invite your friends to particiapte

What do I have to do: Besides actively save money following the saving schedule, you can share your progress with me on Instagram using the hashtag #millennialindebt

What If I don’t hit the goal/target: It’s no big deal if you don’t hit the target on your first go around. What matters is you actively made an effort to try and save some extra coin. If you failed to achieve the target this time because life just got the best of you, give it another go around when you are ready to try again. It can’t hurt you to save money!

Can I only participate during these two summer months: You can save your money any time, anywhere, any day. Even when the challenge is over you can totally repeat it over and over again to help you save even more coin. Go forth and do as you must with your dinero.

So… I don’t know what you are waiting for. Sign up for the millennial money saving challenge now! You’ll also be getting weekly check in emails from me, just to see how your’e doing and to give you some advice and tips on how you can successfully stay motivated to achieve your money saving goal! Good luck and I’m glad you’re taking one step closer to financial freedom. I’m even more glad that I get to be a part of helping you achieve it!